Cobweb - How Hard Making A Movie Is

Many of us still don't fathom how complicated movie making is. We usually know that the director has the most influence and authority in creating the film and all the elements that come with it. But it becomes more clearer with the film by Kim Jee-woon called Cobweb ( 거미집). It is a black comedy film starring Song Kang-ho (from the movie Parasite), Im Soo-jung (A Tale of Two Sisters), Oh Jung-se (It's Okay Not To Be Okay), Jeon Yeo-been (Vincenzo), and Krystal Jung (The Heirs).

Set in the 70's, the story is about a director named Kim Yeol who makes last minute changes to the film named "Cobweb" to make it into a masterpiece. To do this, they have to persuade the production company and their chairperson as shooting has concluded. But Kim was able to get support and the re shoots will be commenced. 

This is where it the chaos starts, little by little problems and secrets are exposed which opens up a lot of problems in the production. The actors have issues with one another, the censors and authorities want to shut production down, and more secrets in the real-life production adds to the drama of the shoot.

It does show the dark comedy in the dilemmas they face, and opportunities to include jokes and situational comedy comes in different styles. With a lot of the complexities of the shoot grows as they film the climax, things become very chaotic at some point but also has an impressive interpretation and output.

However, the various shift of exaggeration and subtle energy might confuse viewers on how the film wants to be identified. But I think that is what Kim Jee-woon wants it to be, something complex, trying to be a masterpiece but also parodies itself not to be a masterpiece. It does make a good impression on me that I can recommend this for people who does want a different kind of Korean film.

Cobweb was also part of the out of competition section of the 76th Cannes International Film Festival and is now showing in the Philippines via TBA Studios.

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