Philippine Television’s Phenomenal loveteam is back via GMA Telebebad’s “MY BELOVED”

GMA Network continues its nationwide domination this 2012 as it produces another high-calibre and optimum primetime offering with the launch of its newest drama series, My Beloved. It will replace Survivor Philippines beginning February 13 on GMA Telebabad. 

Leading the blockbuster ensemble of cast is no less than Philippine Television’s most popular loveteam and one of today’s hottest couples in the entertainment arena, Metro Manila Filmfest 2011 Best Actor Dingdong Dantes as Benjie/Arlan, an angel of death commonly known as “sundo” who takes on a human form to save the life of his beloved woman and Primetime Queen Marian Rivera as Sharina, the beautiful mortal who falls in love with a fallen angel. 

My Beloved is the very first original primetime soap opera of both stars who underwent not just major makeovers with their looks but also in the characters they portray, something new and fresh their avid fans and supporters should look forward to. This is likewise Dingdong and Marian’s fifth collaboration with the network after starring in Marimar, Dyesebel, Ang Babaeng Hinugot sa Aking Tadyang and Endless Love. 

Adding star power to this high-budgeted program is the special participation of one of Philippine Cinema’s highly-commended veteran actresses, Ms Nova Villa. Following her stint in the network’s afternoon prime soaps, Ms Nova lends her acting chops in her very first primetime program as she plays an offbeat role as Lola Inggay, Benjie’s drunkard grandmother. She lost her faith in God after experiencing countless misfortunes throughout her life. As Lola Inggay, she earns a living by deceiving people as a jueteng collector. 

Joining Dingdong and Marian are some of today’s biggest names in drama headlined by Paolo Contis as Gimo, Benjie’s childhood friend who is the leader of their gang. This latest project reunites Paolo with his long-time friend Dingdong after playing the latter’s villain in Ang Babaeng Hinugot Sa Aking Tadyang. Meanwhile, Katrina Halili joins the cast of My Beloved as Emmie, Benjie’s loyal girlfriend. Katrina once again stars alongside Dingdong and Marian after playing the famed kontrabida role of Rebecca Santibañez in the high-rating telenovela, Marimar; Marky Lopez as Tikyo, Benjie’s most trusted ally; and playing an equally vital role is respected dramatic actress, Ms Chanda Romero as she breathes life to the character of Elsa, Sharina and Monica’s authoritarian aunt who will make their lives a living hell.  

Making this primetime spectacle even grander are two of today’s most sought-after loveteams: the desirable tandem of Jennica Garcia as Monica, Sharina’s protective sister; and Carl Guevarra as Junic, Monica’s boyfriend; and the lovable pairing of Tween stars Louise delos Reyes as Grace, a poor girl who pretends to be well-off; and Alden Richards as Rico, Benjie’s younger brother. 

Playing the coveted role of Sharina’s ardent suitor is one of GMA’s hot and most desired properties, Mikael Daez as Nelson. Mikael is all set to showcase a new breadth to his acting skills and make more hearts swoon to his striking good looks. 

My Beloved also introduces the glittering roster of fast-rising Kapuso stars including Ynna Asistio as Lizette, Emmie’s spoiled sister; Saab Magalona as Ginella, Elsa’s arrogant daughter; Djanin Cruz as Lucy, Monica’s tomboyish friend; and Andrea Torres as Dessa, Sharina’s bestfriend. 

Completing the star-studded cast are the characters known as “Sundo” who will join Arlan in his mission: Jon Hall as Joryl; Fabio Ide as Rowan, and Jay Gonzaga as Mikal. 

The story of My Beloved begins when Sharina’s happy life turns upside down with the death of her father, Romeo. Left all alone with nothing and no one to care for them after her mother eloped with another man, Sharina and her younger sister Monica must now live and work under the strict rules of their aunt Elsa and her daughter Ginella. 

Life has been unbearable for the two sisters, but Sharina does not give up in despair, and instead strive to get an education through the help of Lily played by Rio Locsin in a special guest role, a kind-hearted teacher who treats Sharina like her own daughter. 

Tragedy has struck Sharina’s world once again when Lily passed away. Much to her surprise, Lily entrusted her small business including her house to Sharina. So, together with her sister Monica, Sharina decided to move in to Lily’s house and start a new life.  

One day, Sharina sees Lily’s old painting of a man inside her ancestral house. She also gets hold of Lily’s diary and learns of her encounter with a man who saved her from an accident. Lily fell in love with this mysterious person and waited to be reunited with him until her last breath. 

Completely intrigued with the identity of the good-looking man on the canvas, Sharina could not get the face of the man out of her mind and it repeatedly haunts her dreams every night. Until she meets an accident and Sharina finally comes face to face with the mystifying being in the painting. The man saves her from death and Sharina kisses him before he disappears.

In the divine realm of angels, one strict rule applies to every “sundo”: that no angel of death can fall in love with a human being. In such case, Arlan has freely chosen to give up his immortal state when he genuinely kissed Sharina back.
Meanwhile, when Sharina wakes up, she searches for her rescuer and falls in love with him. Unknown to her, the man in the painting and her rescuer is one and the same person.

But by a startling twist of fate, Sharina and her “mystery” man’s paths will entwine as she meets Benjie, a playboy and a member of small-time syndicate. The angel Arlan, who has been punished and banished to earth to become a mortal, transfers his soul into Benjie’s body and has equally fallen in love with Sharina. Now, Arlan must live a life of a mortal, and redeem himself to go back to heaven.
As Sharina yearns to be united with her mystery man, she will face many struggles after discovering his real identity as a thief and gangster. Now trapped into Benjie’s body, Arlan must learn how to feel human emotions and endure the day to day life of a normal human being.  

Now that the two fated lovers are reunited, how will Sharina accept the truth about Benjie’s violent and shady past as a criminal? How will the fallen angel Arlan cope with his newfound life as Benjie, as he deals with the various temptations and struggles of being a human being?  

As the two unlikely lovers enter an earthly relationship, will Arlan succeed in fulfilling his mission of saving his beloved Sharina with his second chance at life, and at love? Will our star-crossed lovers realize their destiny to once and for all be together even in the next lifetime? Will their love story and commitment to be together last till eternity? Is Sharina willing to commit sins for the sake of her loved ones? Will Arlan be willing to go to hell and back to save his beloved Sharina?

Under the helm of Director Dominic Zapata with original concept by RJ Nuevas, My Beloved showcases a beautiful and timeless tale of undying love between two people of two different worlds. It is a unique traditional drama that stands out for its excellent character portrayals and heart-thumping scenes from beginning to end with top notch production values that naturally highlights the series’ many compelling moments. My Beloved is a story of sacrifice and love, of how each of the character lives’ intertwine as they encounter the magical journey of eternal love. 

Don’t miss the unconditional story of never-ending love with the much awaited premiere of MY BELOVED, beginning Monday, February 13 on GMA Telebabad. 

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