Saying 'Thank You' at Avida's Red Letter Day

MCOY FUNDALES and Barbie Alamalbis perform a duet during the Red Letter Day celebration in Trinoma. Participants in Red Letter Day events find creative ways to say "Thank You" to loved ones who make their life better. Avida organizes Red Letter Day events to promote the spirit of gratitude among Filipinos.
Avida’s Red Letter Day campaign spreads the spirit of gratitude

DJ GELLI VICTOR helps get the crowd into a
grateful mood at the Red Letter Day event in
Trinoma. Avida's Red Letter Day campaign
encourages the public to adopt a spirit of gratitude
 and be thankful to their loved ones who made
 sacrifices to make their lives better
AVIDA Land Corp. takes the lead in building a community of thankful Filipinos with its new campaign titled “Red Letter Day”.

The country’s leading property developer has organized a series of Red Letter Day events to encourage Filipinos to show gratitude and appreciation to the people who matter to them. The campaign was launched at Greenbelt 3, followed by two special events at Trinoma and Bonifacio High Street.

“Saying ‘thank you’ is the easiest way of expressing your gratitude to your friends, parents, and people that are important to your life. It’s a simple act but it’s very meaningful; it evokes positive feelings both to you and the people you say thank you to,” says Tess Tatco, Avida Land Marketing Head.

“As the advocate of ‘Red Letter Day’, Avida Land Corp. would like to thank hardworking Filipinos who trust us in providing a quality living experience for their families,” she adds.
Red Letter Day FB app

As part of the campaign, Avida has launched the “Red Letter Day” software application on Facebook. This tool allows people create personalized messages of thanks to their relatives and friends.

THANK YOU. Participants at the Red Letter Day event
in Trinoma got the chance to thank loved ones who give them care,
 affection and make sacrifices for their benefit. This was
 done through creative, interactive activities. The event was
 organized by Avida to foster the spirit of gratitude
 and hope among Filipinos.
By just logging in to the Facebook page ( of Avida, users can register and make  thank you notes that can be posted in their Facebook Wall.

“We want our campaign to reach as many Filipinos as possible that’s why we put up the Red Letter Day app on our Facebook page. Social networking is a great way to spread our message,” Tatco says.

Fun activities and special prizes

Red Letter Day event in Trinoma included the
 chance to write down a message of thanks and
 pose with it by a Photo Wall. The photo is then
 posted on the Facebook page of Avida. Avida is 
organizing Red Letter Day events to nurture a 
spirit of gratitude among Filipinos--so they 
could thank loved ones who help make their lives better.

Those who attended the events were treated to fun activities and given the chance to win exciting prizes during the raffle. They also enjoyed recording their thank you videos at the YouThanks booth.

There was also the Snap-o-Thanks station wherein people can have their picture taken together with their thank you shout-outs.

Participants also took home freebies and souvenir items from Avida.


Letter Day Story frontman Dex Yu rocked
 the house at the Red Letter Day event in
 Trinoma. Red Letter Day is an Avida
campaign that promotes the spirit of gratitude
 among Filipinos, allowing them to say '
Thank You' to their loved ones in creative ways
The “Red Letter Day” events provided live entertainment from established and up-and-coming local artists. Pop stars Myrus, Princess Velasco, and Sheng Belmonte; as well as bands True Faith and Kiss Jane performed during the campaign’s launch at Greenbelt 3.

Pinoy rock icon Pepe Smith jammed with Letter Day Story at the event held in Trinoma. Kenyo front man Mcoy Fundales, Barbie Almabis, Arnee Hidalgo, and Tanya Markova performed as well. Pop group 1:43 also wowed the crowd.

During the event at Bonifacio High Street, APO Hiking Society’s Jim Paredes performed alongside Faith Cuneta, while True Faith capped the night with a set of their hits.

All the artists who performed are part of “Tunog Natin: Songs From Home Compilation Album”, a record produced by Avida for its Tunog Natin advocacy.

Check out the “Red Letter Day” mini-events in Solenad and Alabang Town Center on February 18th and 19th, respectively.

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