REEL DEAL: Kids of ‘Tropang Potchi’ discuss issue of broken family this Saturday

This Saturday, GMA’s morning program for kids “Tropang Potchi” will talk about the societal problem of broken families and their effects on the lives of children caught in this kind of situation.  

The show’s hosts Julian, Sabrina, Miggy, Liane, Bianca and their newest member Lenlen will meet Enzo at Potchi’s house.  Enzo has been deeply distraught after the separation of his parents.  Feeling isolated and dismayed that his family has crumbled, he plans to leave home and skip school. 

The kids want to convince their friend to do otherwise, but how could they when they are just kids?  Determined to seek proper help for Enzo, the kids sought the know-how of Family Life and Child Development expert Dr. Lillian Juadiong.  Will Enzo finally be enlightened by Dr. Juadiong’s advice?  What should children do when confronted with the same problem?  How should parents handle the predicaments of their children after separation?

Also, Julian and Liane will take viewers on a road trip to Tagaytay City to experience adventures other than the usual picnic and donkey-riding in the Philippines’ second summer capital (next to Baguio City).  There, the two will visit various farms like the Bee Farm, Rose Farm and the Animal Farm!  

Come on, hop in and join the fun as Tropang Potchi fuses learning with wholesome entertainment every Saturday, 9:00am on GMA-7. 

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