BLAH BLAH BLOGS: Leap Year Day 2012

This post is unique because it only happens once in evry four years. It's again Leap Day 2012!

And this day is made more exciting as it also the (supposed to be) last Leap Day of the earth before the 'great reset' on December 21.  As this day happens only once in every four years, I  wanted a blog post dedicated for this day. This is also the first Blah Blah Blog entry for the year 2012.

As we all know one complete revolution around the sun takes 364 1/4 days which made the fourth year complete those quarter days. And with February as the month with the least number of days, it became a standard for calendars as it balances the gap so there won't be delays in the seasons. 

And what makes this day interesting are celebrations made on this day like birthdays, anniversaries, events and all other occasions that won't have a date in the next 3 years. They would be celebrated earlier or on the first day of March. My best buddy actually will end his contract at work and at the dorm, sad but thanks to the connections of today, he won't be that far. And I think he will be back in just some time. I also had a look of green today, DLSU green is what I mean.

Today we celebrate this day, to do something we don;t usually do. For it is like life to live up to the fullest. This might not come again, if it does it would take some time. For perfect people, do something stupid, for underdogs, be the best and show the world you can. 

Today is Leap Year Day, today we are all amazing, today we are epic!

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