Quick Blogs: Climbed 20 Floors of Stairs!

Yes, you heard it right, 20 floors and this happened at the Bro. Anrew Gonzales Building in De La Salle Manila because I was running late for the presscon of A Fire in the Heart produced by DLSU this February 26 and 27. I took the stairs because there was a long line at the elevators. I did notice a elevator for faculty but I thought it was strictly for faculty and employees of DSLU. And since I calculated that it will take me longer to wait to get in I decided to go up the stairs... 

And the venue is at the 20th floor. I though I would get very exhausted at the first half but was able to reach the 15th floor and slowed my pace until I reached the 20th floor. Indeed it was an achievement for me, weird yet fun. and to commemorate this record. I pictured the stairway thall the way down and also the 20th floor mark. But though tiring, I was rewarded by winning in the raffle a limited edition DLSU 100th year Swatch Watch (plus meeting the legendary Peque Gallaga!). It truly made my day. Now off to see the movie This Means War

Will post the review next!

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