Anne Curtis Talks About Turning Points In Jeepney TV's BTS Special "Annestoppable"

One of Philippine showbiz’s brightest stars traces the leaps and bounds she took in her career in front of the camera and in her life off screen on the country’s ultimate throwback channel, as Anne Curtis stands in the spotlight on Jeepney TV’s BTS special, “Annestoppable”.

Anne is featured as Jeepney TV’s icon of the month for February. With Jeepney TV’s newest offering, BTS, which can stand for many things such as “Behind the Scenes”, “Beyond the Stardom”, “By the Set”, “Born to Sing”, and much more, viewers can get closer to the channel’s icon of the month by learning about their stories and following them as they go through their daily routine, delivering footage of what they do on and off-screen as never seen before.

Join Anne as she details what she calls her “journey” so far. What exactly made it “fun and exciting,” as Anne put it?

Jeepney TV’s BTS special, “Annestoppable,” reveals how each new chapter in Anne’s being a TV host and actress made her feel, and how these changes made her the role model she is today.

“Every single step in my career has been a turning point somehow,” she said. “They’re all memories that you have to take in. I don’t have anything I’d rather forget.”

Anne also credits who she is to what she discovered along the way, calling each event a lesson learned.

Looking back on how she got to where she is, Anne finds throwbacks to be a delight, saying, “It’s nice how there’s something to look back on.” Looking ahead, she adds, “It’s something that you can show your kids in the future.”

One of Anne’s big projects that’s well on the way, the upcoming series “Dyesebel,” is also something that she says she is particularly excited about given all the roles she had played in the past.

Catch Anne as she takes viewers through all that’s happened in Jeepney TV’s BTS special, “Annestoppable,” airing on Sunday (February 23) at 9:00pm, only on the country’s number one throwback channel, Jeepney TV (SkyCable channel 9). For updates, visit and like Jeepney TV on Facebook (

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