ART IS A BANG: See "Red" at CCP This February

A two character play might be overlooked by many because it may look too simple and may seem boring. But when one would see the award-winning play "Red" by  John Logan staged at the CCP Tanghalang Huseng Batute, it will take the audience in sharing the moment and feeling each lines. Starring Bart Guingona and Joaquin Valdes, the play goes into layers upon layers of ideas, struggles, hopes, dream, and of course the eternal evolution of the visual arts.

Seeing two guys for a play is quite unusual for me, as most productions stars at least 10 characters for a stage play. But I eventually saw myself being part of the studio of Mark Rothko (Bart Guingona) and his assistant Ken (Joaquin Valdes) who have their own opinion on everything and would never have an agreement.

With a whole lot of areas to discuss, from tragedies of life, the interpretation of the paintings, to the rise and fall of art trends, the science of psychology, and even mythology are just some of the vast conversations the two will engage giving images and tickling the minds of the audience.

The set is very minimal as it is an art studio with every corner filled with painting and  art materials. And for the duration, the world will indeed look red everywhere. Conflicts arise in many ways such as generation gap, mastery of craft, knowledge and personal beliefs which in one way or the other has connected to viewers.

Scenes have their own kind of unique permanence, like art, it can be interpreted in many ways. And words might not be enough to express the messages and effects of artists such as painters which goes on the adventure of finding the perfect moment they want to capture on a canvas. 

See the remaining shows of "Red" at the following schedules:
07FEB, 8pm
08FEB, 3pm and 8pm
09FEB, 3pm

For tickets, please call TicketWorld 891 9999
or the CCP Box Office, 832 3704

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