Who Were There to Support Michael Martinez in Sochi Olympics?

Michael Christian Martinez, the first Filipino figure skater and lone representative of the Philippines in the Sochi Olympics has gone through a lot as he ventures into the winter Olympics.

Sending athletes to international sporting events is very expensive, as it includes his coaches, choreographers, etc. it has been revealed by  his mother that their family even mortgaged their house just to secure his trip to Russia. It has also been more than 22 (1992) years since the country was able to send a representative to the Winter Games.

But aside from their personal expenses, there are others that did offer some helping hand to the young figure skater. SM actually supported Martinez by donating P1 million for his training and other expenses related to his Olympic participation.

Well there was some government support, but it was not enough to cover his expenses. Compared to the Summer Olympics where there are more representatives, winter Olympics are far more expensive and his sport requires costumes and dance coaches which are from the US.

The PSC (Philippine Sports Commission) is criticized for the lukewarm approach and support to Filipino Olympians, private sectors are the ones that athletes go to for support.

Michael Christian Martinez will compete on Feb 13 for the elimination round and all hopes for him to continue to the finals and bag the Gold.

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