Pinoy Cooking With Chef Anton Amoncio In “Home Cooked Asia: Philippines”

After winning the Asian Food Channel's Food Hero competition held in Singapore last year, Pinoy Chef Anton Amoncio, now hosts his own cooking show, “Home Cooked Asia: Philippines”. 

The program, one of the newest cooking programs in the Asian Food Channel (AFC), premiered December last year. It airs on Thursdays at 9 o’clock in the morning, with replays on the same day, at 2 and 10 o’clock in the afternoon.

Chef Anton cooks different traditional Filipino recipes, and provides his own techniques. Chef Anton says he wants to teach those who want to know more about Filipino food.

“I hope my bit of Home Cooked creates awareness of what Filipino food is about. I want people outside the Philippines to ask questions about the way we cook and the passion we have for it," he says. “For Filipinos I make sure to make the dishes easy-to-make and accessible so they can try doing it themselves.” 

Home Cooked Asia: Philippines is another Filipino pride. It showcases the Filipinos' love for food and cooking and how they are able to make the best out of simple recipes. 

Chef Anton says the show encourages viewers to embrace the truth that everyone can cook, and can create his/her own personal touch to cooking. 

“For me Filipino food is the next big thing and I hope the show will be appreciated by people everywhere,” says Chef Anton Amoncio.

Chef Anton Amoncio is managed by Asian Artists Agency Inc. For more information visit the AAAI official Facebook page or email

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