“HOME SWEETIE HOME” Celebrates 3 Years of Teaching Couple Lessons On Marriage and Family

For three years now, Romeo and Julie of “Home Sweetie Home” have been teaching couples how to deal with the many struggles that come with married life.

From managing finances, making decisions in the household, and now raising a child, the two mirror what many couples go through and how family will always be first in the hearts and minds of Filipinos.

Having this opportunity to influence viewers is one of the reasons why lead star John Lloyd Cruz enjoys portraying his character Romeo.

“Romeo’s character is someone that you watch every week. He stands up for what he believes in. He has strong principles. Of course, we want him to set a good example to the audience, especially the younger ones. It’s important that we impart something good to them,” John Lloyd explained.

He also shared that content is very important to all of them from the show, so they make it a point to collaborate as a team and explore fresh ideas – something they have done for the last three years.

“Personally, content is important to me. What we tell our viewers is important. It’s not just because of the ratings. It is important to us that what we show our viewers is true to the characters in the show,” said John Lloyd.

Meanwhile, Toni is happy that “Home Sweetie Home” has enjoyed several extensions and considers being in the show the easiest job in the world.

“Ever since we started, there has been no pressure on us. We come to the set happy. My character Julie also feels very close to home, so there has been no intense preparation for the role,” shared Toni.

Toni also admitted that at first, she had a hard time playing a wife, but is now more comfortable as Julie because she can relate to her.

“I had a hard time in our first year. I really didn’t know what it felt like to have a husband, until I got married. Now I know how it feels and apply it whenever I’m on set,” she said.

As the story of Romeo and Julie continues, what challenges await their family life?

Also included in the cast of “Home Sweetie Home” are sina Sandy Andolong, Miles Ocampo, Clarence Delgado, Ogie Diaz, Ellen Adarna, Bearwin Meily, Paul Sy, Jobert Austria, Mitoy Yonting, Nonong Ballinan, and Magda Alovera.

“Home Sweetie Home” was created by the program’s creative team and directed by Edgar “Bobot” Mortiz, under business unit head Raymund Dizon.

Don’t miss “Home Sweetie Home” every Saturday, 6:30 PM, after “TV Patrol Weekend.”

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