Gino Qiliamor Leaves The Morning Rush Unexpectedly

As a regular listener of The Morning Rush, I got to embrace the many changes that the show has faced. With Bea and Rica to fill in the seat Delamar Arias had as part of Kikay Barkada. However, it came to a surprise that Gino Quilamor made an unexpected exit of the Morning Rush just after the Wednesday show. It was not clear but based on his tweets and instagram stories, he made a immediate flight without giving more details.

This was a little sketchy to me, since they don't usually leave the show unless planned or announced. But when Thursday came, it was only Chico, Rica, and Hazel who ran the show. There was no explanation, where Gino went.

But just today, he tweeted this:

Cat’s out of the bag.
I’ve never been too good w/ emotions (I was when I was still a geekygangster, ew) but here’s one universal truth that I wanted to tell YOU. Thank you. Making people laugh was always the best reward (well, okay din yung pera. Kaya nga mag trabaho diba?)"

This statement did confirm the fear, yet many questions were left.  Unlike Del, whose departure from the show was announced in advance. Gino even posted another tweet  saying they are not in good terms with Chico, which was meant to be a joke but can be misinterpreted.
The statement was meant to be a joke.But initially can be misinterpreted as the reason he left.
For now, it is not clear what are the real reasons of him leaving the show. But he expressed his desire to pursue his YouTube Channel which has now reached 1000 subscribers.

For now, although sad, I am happy for this new direction. We just keep following and keep updated. And for The Morning Rush to still be the show we enjoy, though may need adjusting again will still be a partnership of the jocks and listeners.

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