Innovative green living solutions worth trying out Philippine GeoGreen’s pop-up store at Rockwell makes green living attainable

Imagine lighting systems that capture the rays of the sun and pipe these into the home. Or a device that extracts water from moisture in the atmosphere for houses . Now imagine how these can be designed to blend seamlessly with the design of one’s home, enhancing how it looks while keeping it clean and green.

Thanks to Philippine Geogreen, the leading supplier of green products since 2008, it is now possible to have a home that is both beautiful and environmentally sustainable at the same time. Its wide range of innovative products make green living entirely possible and within reach not only among industries, but among homeowners as well.

To make its products more accessible to Filipino consumers, the company is opening a pop-up store at the new wing of Rockwell Power Plant mall in Makati from June 7 through September 7, 2018. Consumers can check out a wide range of products that can make a green lifestyle attainable at the pop-up store, held in partnership with BDO and Philux.

Among the products available at the pop-up store are the Solatube Daylighting Systems, which are especially engineered to capture the sun’s rays and bring these into one’s home, creating brighter, more expansive rooms at no cost. Installing the Solatube can be done in as little as two hours and entails no structural changes to the building, making it a simple and easy solution to beautifully light up one’s home and bring down power costs at the same time. 

Also on display are Haiku fans, expertly crafted and designed with energy efficiency in mind. Unlike other ceiling fans, these are finished to match the aesthetics of one’s home. Most importantly, these large fans generate a breeze that can lead to a cooling effect, which not only makes all rooms of  the home comfortable, but brings huge savings in cooling costs as well.  Moreover, the Haiku fans are most energy efficient ceiling fans in the country, according to Energy Star as they all exceed ENERGY STAR registered requirements for ceiling fans from 2012-2018.

Another green product  that is sure to amaze consumers is the atmospheric water generator (AWG),  a device that extracts water from humid ambient air. With this device, one can  literally create water out of thin air. Water vapor in the air is condensed by cooling the air below its dew point, extracting water in the process.  This device is designed to render the water potable with multiple stages of filtration, making it useful for home, commercial, and industrial use. 

To assist customers in their design solutions, Philux, a leading furniture manufacturer  that is likewise dedicated to environment sustainability and is known for its cutting-edge designs, will provide furniture and design ideas to promote a green lifestyle and complement Geo Green’s products

Ensuring the affordability of these green lifestyle options, BDO is offering its 0% interest promotion over a six-month period for those with a minimum purchase of P30,000. Buyers will also get a free solar powered power bank valued at P2,000.

“We recognize that Filipinos want a green lifestyle, but that they have limited ways to make this possible. With this pop-up store, we want consumers to know that a green lifestyle is attainable and that they can do so while preserving home aesthetics , while using high-quality products that match their needs for durability and environment sustainability,” said Elaine Lazaro, Marketing Head of Philippine Geogreen.

Philippine Geogreen, Inc. was established to meet the country’s demand for sustainable and environmentally responsible building products. It is the authorized Philippine distributor for some of the best energy saving fixtures in the U.S., including Solatube Daylighting Systems, Big Ass Fans, Topps Products and Solar technologies, as well as many industrial innovations that promote environmental sustainability. Its clients include top Filipino and multinational firms and organizations in the country.

Thanks to Philippine Geogreen, embracing a green lifestyle has become much easier and more rewarding for Filipino consumers.

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