Nikki Coseteng Exposes Serious Steel Dangers

Former Senator Nikki Coseteng made a public presscon recently to expose the grave dangers of substandard materials used to make structures like high rise buildings and public structures. Backed up by a intensive study made by Engr. Emil Morales, the findings show that certain materials does not pass the standards in construction and will be highly volatile in the structural integrity.

With the construction boom and the Build Build Build project boosting the demand for work and materials in the Philippines, especially in the major cities, the strength of these structures should be a priority given that the country is within the Pacific Ring of Fire which is highly at risk for earthquakes and tsunamis. Also that the country experiences high winds due to typhoons, can also affect durability in terms of water porosity, cement density and strength.

Atty. Rodel Taton shares that there is no liability on failed/collapsed structures when it is considered as “Act of God”. This gives them a scapegoat in liabilities despite any loss of life, injury or destroyed property.

One of the issues cited by Nikki Coseteng was the use of Micro Alloy (MA) is replaced by Quench-Tempered (QT/TMT) steel bars which are not thoroughly tested to meet structural standards based on the research by Engr. Morales. Though widely used in many construction projects, the use of the Quench Tempered steel is found to be not appropriate for large projects such as high rise buildings and major public works such as the ones under the “Build Build Build” program which is said to be the golden age of infrastructure in the country.

She shares that testing of their materials are not completely disclosed as they would fail with the testing requirements. This troubles her as the safety of the public is at great risk of danger with imminent collapse that will endanger lives and property.

This is the crusade she is fighting to push through with public safety. She and her colleagues  are pushing for firm to conduct intensive testings and show them to the public to ensure that what they are building are at par with standards set by the Structural Code of the Philippines. She also calls out to the media to expose these malpractices to the public before it is too late and cause damage. 

With construction in many parts of the country in full blast, and sees no slowdown, it is indeed alarming to all that we must make sure they should only be made with quality materials or else face the consequences.

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