Pancho Piano's Hagod Exhibit Is Now On Display At Okada Manila

Bicolano Artist Pancho M.Piano has proven his artistry in visual arts throughout the years.  Known for his award-winning works locally and internationally, his works speaks for itself and draws appreciation and clients. He is known for his works which reflects Bicolano life, festivals and culture. Drawn from his experience of the places he had been to, the paintings has the charm of nostalgia  for Filipinos and introduces the Pinoy culture to foreigners.

Recently he opened a exhibit at Okada Manila titled Hagod featuring paintings made in recent years. Hagod by definition is stroke which defines the artworks made of different styles of strokes and themes. With some follow a colorful approach that catches attention.  The exhibit are opened in May 24 displayed at the Coral wing until June 23.

As it is also exhibited in Okada Manila, there are also pieces that are Japanese inspired paintings. Some of the paintings on display were already sold during the exhibit. 

Pancho Piano has been in the art scene for decades now. He started his career with leather art, which he pioneered in the country. He had his Bachelors Degree in Economics at the University of Nueva Caceres (1978), and took a degree in Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines Diliman as a Jose Joya Scholar (1984-1987). He also worked in many murals and stained glass all over the country.  He has mounted more than thirty solo exhibitions and participated in over 50 grouped exhibitions, in the Philippines, Japan, Saipan, and the United States of America, France, Austria, the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium, Italy, and Switzerland.

For more news and information about Pancho Piano and his exhibits, you can check out his website at

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