Sindikato Manages Diverse And Talented OPM Artists

We are entering a whole new emergence of new Fiilpino artists which has diversified from pop and ballads into alternative and electronic beats. And with this renaissance of OPM into the digital age, new artist have been sprouting all over, it's a good thing that Sindikato has come to manage these musicians and building them up. 

SINDIKATO started in 2006 with a group of college buddies who shared a passion for video production. From creating short films and original content, they ventured into music videos for various local artists. Even as they gained traction with brand advertising projects, SINDIKATO continued to work with musicians.

They bring together seasoned and new artists in their roster particularly Callalily, Sud, Ben&Ben, Hulyo, Fighting River Blindness, UNIT 406 and Fern. With each has their own unique music style and market is a great group that works well with their dynamic of a wider reach and options.

Callalily would be the most experienced in the line up with more than 13 years as a band and moved from his former management to Sindikato. Lead man Kian Cipriano though clarifies that he has a separate management for his acting career, he also expressed hope of having a new album soon now he is with Sindikato.

Sud has made a breakthrough in the music scene with the song "Sila" which dominated digital platforms and also the radio. Sud also plays for the band Fighting River Blindness which plays alternative yet engaging songs. Hulyo has Filipino songs which can be great soundtracks for TV and film.

Unit 406 cover of the song "Gusto Ko Lamang Sa Buhay" is now the soudntrack of the movie "I Love You Hater" starring Joshua Garcia, Julia Barretto, and Kris Aquino. Fern. is a budding solo artist under Universal Records and his song "Into You" made it to the top charts of Spotify. Ben&Ben, comprised of alumni of the Elements music camp is gaining popularity this year with their song "Kathang Isip" and another single "Susi" will be part of the soundtrack of the upcoming film "Goyo".

“What’s best about us is that we’re Pro-Artist. We want to give opportunities to our talents and we let them use our platforms; we let them use the skill set of SINDIKATO to help them grow their craft. We believe in their abilities and we want them to spread their talent so that more people can appreciate their music,” shares Enzo Valdez, SINDIKATO’s Chief Executive Officer.

The Sindikato group brings the power of the use of digital media with managing the artists facebook pages and other social media. They are also featured in their website where bookings can be made. They are also looking forward to manage more musicians and artists in the future as it also gains ground with the rise of these stars. And we might also look forward to more gigs, concerts and other projects involving them together.

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