1st Fil-Global Immigration Expo Opens Exciting Opportunities

Fil-Global Immigration Services has been in the industry of providing opportunities for work, live, and study in various countries especially in places like Europe, Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand. As a one-stop shop for immigration requirements and assistance, they make sure that it lessens the hassle of going to so many processes which either delays or dismisses the opportunities abroad. Recently they had their first Fil-Global Expo that brings together brands and customers into one venue.

Among the exhibitors were 9.0 Niners IELTS Center, Security Bank, Universidad Catolica De Murcia, Niagra College Canada, Acsenda School of Management, and International College of Advance Education, JVB Travel and Tours, Pacific Cross, Queensford College, Southern Cross University, Cornell University, Arbutus College, Pearson College, and Regus. Most of them are schools with staff that will assist applicants with their inquiries and processing.

The expo also provided a great venue for applicants to know more about the colleges and universities like Niagra College (Canada), Universidad Catolica De Murcia (Spain) , International College of Advance Education (Australia), and Ascenda School of Management (Canada). Each presenting the school, culture and the community, there are also testimonies made who also worked/studied there. They also have more schools located in Europe, North America and the Mediterranean which gives more options.

There are also companies who also take part in the application like 9.0 Niners who provide the IELTS Certification, Security Bank for Loan and Financial Management, JVB Travel and Tours who books the flights and process visa requirements. Questions regarding any process or situation is covered in the expo which makes it a holistic experience of getting ready for a future in those countries.

Giving a background of what is in store in those territories gives a more realistic approach of what to expect and what one can also do there along with the career that they will pursue. Many Filipinos are continuing to dream to making it big overseas, knowing what one should do and how to do it right is essential and helps avoid any problems in the future and Fil-Global provides the support they need to make it there.

For more information you can visit their website at https://studyworkliveabroad.com, visit their FB page here.

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