AC Health, 917Ventures urge doctors nationwide to embrace telehealth

The pandemic has fully disrupted healthcare in the Philippines. Thousands nationwide are unable to visit medical centers given the risks, the social distancing measures in place, and even the lack of transportation available. As such, Ayala Healthcare Holdings, Inc. (AC Health), the healthcare arm of the Ayala Group, and 917Ventures, a wholly-owned corporate incubator of Globe, are urging doctors nationwide to embrace telehealth to address the primary healthcare needs of patients. 

Many doctors are also struggling to find the chance to talk to patients face-to-face. Thus, Paolo Borromeo, AC Health President and CEO, said it is time for medical practitioners to explore telehealth services like HealthNow to reach their patients faster, easier, and in a more convenient and safe manner.

“Our goal is to give new opportunities for doctors all over the country, particularly those outside Metro Manila, to meet their patients. With HealthNow, everything is done digitally and the entire process is very simple and easy to use. Ultimately, we believe that health technology is a key enabler to our network, and that through this platform, we can provide care whenever or wherever our patients need us,” said Borromeo.

HealthNow, powered by AC Health’s Vigos Health and Globe’s 917Ventures, is a primary care platform that offers telemedicine consultations, online medicine ordering and delivery, and clinic and diagnostic testing booking. It allows doctors to practice their profession anytime and anywhere in order to attend to more patients and support continuity of care, while managing their time and schedule.

Vince Yamat, 917Ventures Managing Partner, said:  “We are here to help solve problems beyond connectivity in the areas of education, health, e-commerce, and other sectors. That is why we  build, operate, and scale new businesses like HealthNow.  We believe in the importance of telehealth today more than ever.  As patient demand shifts to digital health, we encourage our medical community to join HealthNow so that together we can continue to serve the healthcare needs of the Filipino people.”

The platform provides an opportunity for doctors to reach and serve a wider patient base. Beyond providing access to easy teleconsultation solutions and securing medical records, HealthNow also allows doctors to seamlessly monitor and assist in the journey of their patients. 

By joining HealthNow, doctors have free use of an Electronic Medical Record platform which includes medical charting, e-prescription, and doctor and diagnostic referrals. They can also accept virtual consultations and in-person appointments through a schedule management tool. 

HealthNow connects a patient to a licensed physician for consultation through the use of video technology. Patients can select their preferred doctors. Once appointment is confirmed, the licensed physician may collect clinical history, create a treatment plan, render medical advice, recommend the conduct of diagnostic procedures and prescribe medication, provide follow-up care, and/or refer the patient to another physician, clinic, or hospital. This is similar to the procedure during a regular clinic visit.

HealthNow also provides a platform that allows users to order medicines from licensed pharmacies and schedule an appointment for outpatient services through partner clinics and laboratories.

HealthNow app is available in Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS. For interested doctors, they may apply at

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