Pinoy Rap Communities Join Forces with Safeguard to Deliver #SafeWash Hand Hygiene Awareness

After weeks of rebuttal against Fred D’ Germ, an online ‘influenzah’ and rapper spreading misinformation on the importance of proper handwashing, thousands of Filipinos have tuned in to show massive support for Safeguard at the #SafeWash Raprapan sa Global Handwashing Day that went live online last October 15, 2020. In the event, Fred D’ Germ bitterly accepted his defeat with the outpouring of comments from Safeguard fans.

The star-studded Raprapan sa Global Handwashing Day was headlined with big Filipino names in the rap community like Loonie, Shehyee, Ron Henley, recruited to represent team Safeguard. While Fred D’ Germ had Santi Dope on his team during the rap battle. Through the power of rap music, Safeguard hopes to reach more Filipinos to further strengthen the importance of proper handwashing.

Both teams were very competitive and delivered piping hot bars in each round. By the end of the competition judge Gloc-9 praised team Safeguard in their ability to express the importance of practicing Safe Wash hand hygiene, “Hindi dapat mabilisan lang, wisik, punas lang, may tamang paraan. Doon talaga nagkatalo — sa paggamit ng Safeguard. Kaya walang binatbat si Fred D’ Germ.” Even Shanti Dope admitted that the Safeguard team changed his mind to practice Safe Wash. 

Frad D’ Germ’s “Hugas na Rin 'Yan!” music video was also voiced by non-other than Gloc-9. The song itself is LSS worthy — with witty lines and an addicting flow. You’re surely not going to get off of your head that easily, and with a hook that goes “P’wede na ‘yang, p’wede na hugas. ‘Di mo alam ako ay hudas!”. Bet you’re going to wash your hands after listening. Watch the video here.

The mass education music video, now with more than 10 million views, was done by Filipinos for Filipinos. Safeguard collaborated with five of the top animation houses in the Philippines in a span of three weeks that brought out the best in Filipino animation talent. 

Filipinos Pledge to Practice #SafeWash Habits

Prompted by the “puwede na” mentality in handwashing, Safeguard started the #SafeWash Movement by calling out all the ways Filipinos are not properly washing their hands, and by presenting the message in pop culture themes that would stick with Filipinos of all ages.

Continuing what started as a battle cry against hand hygiene misinformation, celebrities, online personalities, and numerous communities have shared and posted videos — spreading support for the #SafeWash movement. The rap community’s impact greatly influenced the spread of #SafeWash through their participation in submitting videos wherein they performed their own rap preaching the importance of proper handwashing. These videos were looped during the livestream of Raprapan sa Global Handwashing Day.

This is just the start for Safeguard’s #SafeWash Movement, and it’s here to stay with the brand’s commitment to strengthen proper handwashing education.

Safeguard was also invited by the Department of Health and UNICEF to share the #SafeWash movement at the recent Global Handwashing Day Symposium on October 16, 2020. The brand shared the roots of the #SafeWash movement and how the brand is also partnering with institutions to ensure that the push on handwashing education is enabled by ensuring there is access to hand washing facilities.

After being presented the repercussions of improper handwashing, we must all do our part to keep ourselves and our families from germs. The safe wash way doesn’t stop within our homes but should be done even when we are in public spaces. Let us keep reminding our loved ones, share videos, and post online to help spread the word on the safe wash way of handwashing.

The #SafeWash Movement starts with every Filipino family in their own homes, keeping their loved ones from committing the improper handwashing habits as promoted by Fred D’ Germ. Through Safeguard’s power to eliminate 99.9% of germs, and correct handwashing practices, every trip to the sink is a guaranteed #SafeWash for a #SAFEPhilippines. 

To continue your #SafeWash journey, look for your favorite Safeguard hand soaps here.

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