Pumped Viral Rapper Fred D' Germ Leaves Filipinos Shocked with Newest Single on Filipino Dirty Habits

Safeguard responds to Fred D’ Germ in the most satisfying way possible. 

Just days after the 2020 Philippines Handwashing Habits Survey* revealed that only 50% of Filipinos are  washing their hands properly, an online ‘influenza’ named Fred D’ Germ has been making rounds on social  media — promoting improper handwashing, or the lack thereof of proper safe wash habits.

Acting like an online ‘influenzaaa’, Fred D’ Germ’s online presence started out with him posting memes  within the context of improper handwashing. His social media accounts were seen leaving comments, and  trolling local celebrities and influencers like Anne Curtis, Jolina Magdangal, Karla Estrada, Melai  Cantiveros-Francisco, and Rufa Mae Quinto to not bother washing their hands and just wipe it off. Fred D’  Germ also hacked Safeguard Philippines’ social media accounts and posted a photo of him holding a  newspaper with the headline ’50% of Filipinos Don’t Know How to Wash Hands’, expressing approval of  this alarming survey result. Not only this, but his video introduction on Facebook where he can be seen  doing a dance trend popularized by Mimiyuuuh has already amassed a total of forty-five thousand reactions  with 2.6 million views.

*The PH Handwashing Habits Survey was conducted by Brandworks Market Intelligence and Consulting with a sample size of 240 Filipino men and  women, aged 18 to 50, based in Metro Manila from SEC ABCD. The study was a series of face-to-face interviews within the period of September 4 – 7,  2020.  

Fred D’ Germ seems to be just getting started. 

At a crucial time when safety through handwashing should be a priority, this concept comes as a surprise  to Filipinos with many left wondering — ‘who is Fred D’ Germ?’, ‘What are his intentions?’, and what’s his  next move?’ 

Well, Fred D’ Germ is staying true to his roots like the ‘influenzaaa’ that he is. Just after his online trolling  and hijacking frenzy he takes it up a notch and releases a short video teaser for his newest single rap track. With built-up hype, Fred D’ Germ drops his very first rap single “Hugas na Rin 'Yan!” paired with a music  video patronizing Filipinos’ bad handwashing habits through a variety of handwasher characters namely,  “Wisik-wisik Man”, “Punas-punas Gang”, “Mister Tissue Boy”, and “Miss Hugas-Bilis” — all of which  Filipinos are very familiar with.  

While Fred D’ Germ’s “Hugas na Rin 'Yan!” music video is a glossy blend of different art styles that  accentuates the different types of handwashers — or lack thereof — in the Philippines, the song itself plays  and hooks you easily. The track has a distinct addictive sound that you’re surely not going to get off of your 

head that easily, and with a hook that goes “P’wede na ‘yang, p’wede na hugas. ‘Di mo alam ako ay hudas!”. It might not seem too much, but Fred D’ Germ is definitely hooking you with his sick flow and rhymes. 

With this track, sky’s the limit for Fred D’ Germ to influence more Filipinos on improper handwashing, and  he’s pumped more than ever to start gaining more supporters.  

Who’s stopping Fred D’ Germ? 

It felt as if no one is going to stop this ‘influenzaaa’ and his motives anytime soon. His newest single is now out on Spotify for streaming, and Fred D’ Germ has been guesting on radio shows for promotion. You’re  also most likely going to see him on the road with billboards across EDSA. 

Fred D’ Germ’s message has been spreading rapidly at an alarming rate, and Safeguard isn’t going to just let him be. Safeguard rebuts Fred D’ Germ’s claims through a new music video, aiming to shut him down  and strengthen the education on safe wash practices. Safeguard’s stance in protecting the Filipino  households was brought by the concern that Fred might cause a ripple effect on how Filipinos submit to  “pwede na” handwashing practices, and thus the need to further reinforce that Safe Wash is Filipinos’ first  line of defense against common illnesses. 

What’s next for the Fred D’ Germ and Safeguard feud? 

Eradicating ‘influenzaaas’ like Fred D’ Germ is Safeguard’s goal, and this can be achieved through a  collective effort. That’s why they urge all Filipinos to practice proper #SafeWash for a safer, and healthier  Philippines. As for Fred D’ Germ, we’re all on the lookout for his next move. Let’s all keep our eyes peeled  and watch out for what’s to unfold.

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