I Won 50K In A Special Game With Kris Aquino & Shopee!

screencap by Kate Adajar
Storytime! This just happened days ago and yet I can't over the unexpected surprise that just came this October. And yes, as the title states, I just won P50,000 in a game during the press launch of Shopee 11.11 and 12.12 Big Christmas Sale which features the revelation of their newest endorser Kris Aquino. Actually I was not expecting much, since there were a lot of people for the launch and I hoping to win something in the raffle.

Though they did announce to have a special game which Kris Aquino, we were still clueless on how it will be played. Then the event started and they finally have Kris Aquino revealed as the newest brand ambassador of Shopee which I can say is perfect choice as she is still the Queen of all Media. 

After the interview and question and answer they got to the part which all of us are excited, a game to win P50,000 with Kris Aquino. And to choose the contestant they had a raffle which landed on my number. I had to double check if that was mine, and it was. I can't deny the shock, and I was also confused what will happen next. 

I was using my phone for the zoom meeting, then suddenly it shifted into open my video and audio. I was unprepared for this because It was OK for the previous events to watch and observe or interact with just chat. They were now drawing me in to the virtual game show live in my morning clothes! That's when  a mini panic attack hit me on how to compose myself as I get to be speaking with Kris for the game.

So yeah, with an unprepared look, I am now a virtual stage with Kris who is now explaining the mechanics of the game. She also asked me several questions like "Have you always been single?", which I replied "So far, yes." Then followed up with this moment I will never forget.

"How young are you?" in which I replied "33."

She then said, "Ah Ok that's the age of Jesus when he died."

It was an unexpected response, I giggled inside because of the analogy and finally understand what she really meant. I can also feel all those in the event laughing on the accidental joke.

There was also the follow up remark, "Gawan na natin ng paraan." which was very funny and also slaps you with reality. 

Ok, so after that epic conversation we got to play the game with simple mechanics of choosing a letter from the word SHOPEE. I just have to choose the right letter which contains the P50K. I initially choose "P" for Pasko or Christmas since its the holiday season. But she asks me if I was sure, I eventually shifted to second E. She again asked me if I was sure and said that she would not settle to be the "number 2".  Following my instinct and looking at the "hints" of the possible jackpot, I finally chose the first E.

Now for the moment of truth, she finally revealed what is behind E number 1, and it was the P50,000! It was the biggest thing I won in my life. I tried to stay composed even with the overflowing joy and the opportunity to talk to Kris Aquino. Since I live with my mom at home, I say that I will also share this with her which Kris was very happy for my gesture. 

It was a early Christmas gift to me with this win, and I want to thank Shopee and Kris Aquino for the opportunity to play. They did also mention that this will be one of the upcoming Shopee games which will have this format and will have a bigger prize of P1,000,000. Yes that's one million pesos! Details soon on this blog!

With 11.11 just a few weeks away, and after that the 12.12 Big Christmas Sale coming for the end of the year, it will be an exciting time with Shopee. And despite how bad 2020 has been bad for all of us, we can still be happy and it will attract great things to come our way.

PS. I also notified that this was on twitter and had more than 100K views! 

Here is the the video of the game from Wazzup.PH YouTube channel


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