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We actually learned to be domesticated during these times as we were introduced to many home products, and some who are already experts in home care have also discovered new brands that improved our indoor living lifestyle. And with products such as Baygon, Glade, FamilyGuard, Mr. Muscle, Pledge, OFF, Kiwi, and Ziploc are names under the SC Johnson brand which are well known here and internationally.

Many of these brands remain household names and trusted products by families for generations that is why even up to the latest generation, many can recall their names and functions for their homes. Generally they have become a staple for each home, which also a part of our budget for home use and maintenance.

Now that online shopping is growing and our groceries are now done online, it's great to hear that SC Johnson has also embraced to venture with online shopping platforms such as Shopee. In fact they just launched their SC Johnson Official Store on Shopee recently showcasing their wide selection of products which are at the suggested retail price or probably even more affordable compared to others.

Now that we can shop for their roster online, they are also offering 25% off on bundles for certain branch to celebrate their grand launch. Here  are some of our recommended item you can add to your cart.

Glade Automatic Primary - Ocean Escape (₱399)

For a more refreshing feel in out homes that automatically disperse the scent to keep it consistent and balanced.

FamilyGuard Disinfectant Room & Multi-Surface Spray Aerosol Fragrance Free 280ml (₱259)

A must have with sanitation and disinfection as our top priority in our homes.

Baygon Multi Insect Killer Kerosene-Based - 500 ml (₱285)

A classic name and a must to keep our home safe from harmful insects.

Mr. Muscle All Purpose Cleaner 2L - Wild Lavender (₱180)

Cleaning with Mr. Muscle variant makes it easier as a all-in-one formula with lingering scent of lavender.

Pledge Furniture Lemon - 330 ml  (₱269)

Woodworks in our homes needs extra care, and Pledge is a known brand that can deliver that shine.

And there are hundreds of products of SC Johnson that are now in their online catalogue, always ready to be added to your carts and shipped to your homes. Being the official store also ensures these are authentic products ensuring safety and quality with each purchase. 

As we appreciate the joys of domestic life, we now also find these products more exciting more than ever.

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