Globe removes consumer 3G SIMs across distribution chains

Globe announced the completion of the removal of consumer 3G SIMs across its retail and distribution chains. The move, which started early last year,  was in line with the company’s goal to shift its customers to 4GLTE/5G-ready SIMs for improved mobile internet experience.  

3G or short for third generation technology for mobile brought an important breakthrough in terms of basic mobile internet access two decades ago. However, new and better technologies like 4G LTE have been introduced since then, prompting many telecom companies across the world to stop offering 3G services while others are already in the process of doing the same.

“We urge our customers to switch to 4G LTE/5G-ready SIMs to be able to maximize Globe’s network upgrades and optimization. Our Stores and partner retailers are ready to make this switch easy, convenient and safe for our customers,” said Globe Executive Vice President for Channel Management Bernie Llamzon.

To check if they are still using 2G or 3G SIM, Globe customers may text SIM CHECK to 8080. Once verified,  customers may secure an online appointment via or the GlobeOne app before dropping by at the Globe Store for SIM replacement.  From there, they can choose the Store location, date, and time.  This booking system will make  transactions even more convenient and will save both time and effort.  It will also ensure that customers are attended to properly. 

Customers are also urged to  visit the Stores List  for information about the  Stores including those that require prior booking and those with Express booths which give priority to SIM upgrade requests.  Stores which are not part of the appointment booking will still accept customers on a first come, first served basis.  

Postpaid 3G users, however, may skip the Store visit altogether and simply request for SIM change via the GlobeOne app.  The new SIM will be delivered to their registered address by a courier. 

Globe also advises customers to be wary of unscrupulous persons who may trick them  into changing their  SIM.   SIMs should never be given to anyone and any SIM change should be done directly at a Globe Store or through the Globe One app.  To learn how to be protected from  SIM swap scams, go to 

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