Singapore alt-pop newcomer Naomi G drops her debut single “Cage The Animal”

It’s official! Naomi G joins the growing roster of indie label, Umami Records.

The eclectic newcomer marks her official debut with the release of “Cage The Animal”—a gothic pop-R&B tune that chronicles the cycle of abusive and toxic relationships, and how to get away from it triumphantly in order to rebuild one’s dignity.

Merging the broody minimalism of Lorde and Banks with the chameleonic tendencies of artists like Halsey, Naomi G’s latest track begins rather unassumingly with nostalgic, flatlining keyboards and ethereal soundscapes, and evolves into a vindictive anthem that turns emotional scarring and pain into a source of strength. 

Given that she already seems to have her stylistic stamp on lock, Naomi G is destined to take the world by storm with her bold, assertive take on women empowerment, never treading lightly on important social issues that degrade, discriminate and disrespect people of her kind. It’s an accomplishment worth taking seriously, a statement of self-love and confidence from someone who initially seemed to have lost it all. 

“Cage The Animal” is the lead single for Naomi G’s debut EP which is scheduled for release over 2021.

Listen to Cage The Animal by Naomi G everywhere at this link: 

About Naomi G

Alternative and alternating, Naomi G is one of Singapore’s rising Dark Pop songstresses rendering her most symptomatic coming of age experiences, wherever it takes her. The singer / songwriter unblinkingly stays her mind and allows her Freudian Slips to take centre stage. The rhythm that comes of it is a moody downbeat electronica, flavoured with slick notes of Alt-R&B, frothed by ethereal Dream Pop, and enlightened by Soul. At times unsettling, her hypodermic words are indeed a salt to her own melancholia - one that slurs mystique sexuality and breaks down brittle emotions afoot. 

She’s radiantly inflamed by the terrestrial experience she is treading through, unafraid of undressing intensity and honesty-owed to herself. Naomi describes her music as a “body-caressingly raw sonic prelude to my own deeper tensions'' and that running them through music is the cathartic shatter she needs to figure them out. Other times it’s all about expressing that untimely and noise-cancellingly loud message that is often contemplative, combative and cynical. The young singer now begins her journey by flirting with themes of balance such as that between innocence and sensuality, relationship and isolation as well as nature and oppression.

About Umami Records

Umami Records is a Singapore-based indie record label founded in 2013. Much like the “5th taste” reputation of its namesake, the label strongly believes in discovering new, interesting sounds that run underground and away from the mainstream. The label’s tight-knit, curated roster includes releases from Linying, The Steve McQueens, brb., Evanturetime, CampFire, Martin Baltser, Phoria, Oriental Cravings, and more.

About The Song - Extended

‘Cage The Animal’ is a faceted metaphor that baits her romantic wanderings to the aural surface, refracting them in elemental personifications. The ‘Animal’ is she and the ‘Cage’ is he. Her anti-romance bop reflects the inner trappings of an erstwhile relationship that comes-of-age in front of listeners. It unfolds at the climax point of her feminine odyssey where she’s hemorrhaging innocence, infect-uated with his pathologies of lust and masculine-colonialism. 

The dark pop singer, though nascent, does not tread lightly. Her single voices a universally pertinent message about the bedding pressures found in toxic relationships - particularly ones that impose trading physical touch for affection. The man of the song had cut an imposing rhetoric with an unbending mandate of fulfilling his unrequited carnal desires. 

Naomi likened herself to the “Animal” and “Mother Nature”, among other things. She was an unspoiled picture of relative innocence that was slowly tamed and converted by him. The gradual erosion of her expressive authority proved itself a landslide over her identity. Her partner represented a sort of “man-made advancement” of concrete and stone encroaching on her natural territory bringing about a casual domestication. 

As she lay idle in a thought turmoil, he failed to reckon the “inconvenient truth” that “Mother Nature” still contained wrath enough to put an end to all. However, the ‘Animal’ was the mutually-caged instinctual part of her that still felt guilty for saying “No”. 

Naomi discloses, “our pillow-talks seemed more like his military pastime; or rather, another informal setting suggestive enough for him to force his ideals like darts onto me.” She said that being under covers with him felt more like suffocation under cellophane wrap just so he could objectify her further. Before she called it, he was replacing her “roots” with his “wires”; a complete elemental clash. 

At long last, Naomi G exploded edge-forth from her forbearing dormance to assert her place in the relationship with wholeness of character. She left him, innocence salvaged and sense of sexuality, emboldened.

CTA is a wistful but stirring concoction that begins rather unassumingly, like her, with nostalgic flatlining keyboards that are later whelmed by percussive exasperation and oblique waves of bass in the chorus. The song achieves a harmonious consensus between its ethereal and Alt-pop sensibilities enabling a dewy voluptuous listen. 

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