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Mina-Anud - A Drug Movie Unlike The Others

There has been a lot of drug-inspired movies since Duterte was elected as President, and most of them are gritty, dark, and bloody which wants to depict the complicated and deadly world of drugs, cartels, and the market.

Mina-Anud comes at the time that people seems to be fed up of the same theme yet they want to present the situation in a whole new light. The movie brought an unusual pairing of fisherfolks, surfers, and cocaine. Though there was recent real life news of this happening on coastal provinces, the film wants to expand it into a story that will make it a movie worth watching for.

Starring Dennis Trillo, Jerald Napoles, and Matteo Guidicelli, the film was initially shown as a closing film at the recent Cinemalaya Film Festival. It is now showing in theaters nationwide via Regal Entertainment. 

The plot of having surfers and fishermen getting involved in the drug trade has both a comedic and serious approach with their characters. It makes use of black comedy to portray satirical situations and the relationship of family and friends which invokes the Filipino feeling and complexity.

“One Great Love” reveals if “the one” is determined by destiny of dependability.

TFC at the Movies brings a movie that asks if destiny provides the viewer with their one great love or is that significant other somebody that one gets to choose for oneself.

One Great Love is about love, which remains to be one of the greatest mysteries up to this day. Falling in love with someone is one thing but staying in love with that person is another story.

The story revolves around Zyra Paez (Kim Chiu), a woman who has broken-up so many times with her boyfriend, Carl Mauricio (J.C. De Vera), and yet fate has them meeting each other repeatedly, under serendipitous circumstances, one might call it fate.

And then, there is Dr. Ian Arcano (Dennis Trillo), a doctor whom Zyra has just met, but proves to be a very dependable friend, ready with a shoulder to cry on and a good listening ear to absorb all of Zyra’s woes.

Dennis, Kim, and JC Fight For Their "One Great Love"

ONE GREAT LOVE is quite a powerful phrase that could mean the ultimate partner for the lonely heart. This Christmas, this is the one of the major films competing in this year's Metro Manila Film Festival 2018.

Starring Kim Chiu, Dennis Trillo, and JC De Vera, the film is directed by Eric Quizon and is the sole entry of Regal Entertainment for the MMFF 2018.

The team up between Dennis, JC, and Kim is a first yet it shows potential from the reactions of fans from the released trailers. Kim shares her joy working with Dennis who is a leading Kapuso star. Though Kim and JC are from the Kapamilya Network, this is also their first time to be play as lovers.

My Husband's Lover Premiers On Fox Filipino

FOX Filipino has announced that it will soon feature one of the most talked about local drama series in the country, My Husband’s Lover, which premiered on the channel on June 20, 2016. This groundbreaking series that follows the story of a woman’s awakening to her husband’s hidden sexuality will be shown on weeknights, with back-to-back episodes from Monday to Friday, 7 PM to 8:50 PM. Fans of My Husband’s Lover can also get their fill of this critically acclaimed drama with replays on weekdays from 7 AM to 9 AM and marathons every Saturday from 9 AM to 5:55 PM.

The mic is off, the battle is on! Catch Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez battle it out on ‪#‎LipSyncBattlePh this Saturday, February 27!

Sino’ng bet mo, Kapuso?

Lip Sync Battle is an original series from the US that has become part of pop culture and a huge viral sensation. The show has featured a number of A-list Hollywood celebrities such as Anne Hathaway, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, John Legend and Justin Bieber.

In the Philippines, GMA Network has acquired the rights to produce Lip Sync Battle Philippines. The show will be hosted by multi-talented artist & Kapuso ace comedian Michael V together with TV host-actress Iya Villania as color commentator.

Dennis Trillo leads GMA contingent to Kapusong Pinoy sa Singapore

GMA Pinoy TV brings its highly anticipated Kapusong Pinoy Concert series to Singapore with Kapuso artists Dennis Trillo, Jonalyn Viray and Betong Sumaya gearing up to delight Pinoy fans in the country on November 30.

On the heels of its highly successful previous installments in Los Angeles last September and Dubai this November, the concert titled Kapusong Pinoy sa Singapore will be held at the Kallang Theater, 1 Stadium Walk in Singapore.
The much-awaited concert is headlined by Drama King Dennis Trillo, Fearless Diva Jonalyn Viray and features actor-comedian Betong Sumaya as his beloved character Antonietta from the Philippine’s longest running comedy program Bubble Gang. 

REEL DEAL Cinemalaya Specials: The Janitor

Chick flicks everywhere for local cinema, I guess people would eventually crave for a different genre for Pinoy movies. Next to love stories, action is a favorite of Pinoy movie goers, but they are rarely seen on mainstream cinema, and finding a good one is more rarer. The Cinemalaya Film Festival will happen on August, and one of the entries for the Director's Showcase is Mike Tuivera's THE JANITOR.

Starring Dennis Trillo, The Janitor may be an odd choice for a title of a action film but pose a different and deeper understanding about its meaning. Is he a crusader to clean up the mess of crime? Is he a punisher  who has an alter ego of a maintenance guy out to seek vengeance?

We talked to Dennis Trillo and Mike Tuviera about the movie and they shared their excitement for the upcoming movie in August. Fresh from "My Husband's Lover" Dennis Trillo became more buffed for the role as it requires a lot of real action and combat. Direk Mike shares that they also made the action scenes they always wanted to do and doing it right. 

MUSIC LYF: TomDen Emerges After MHL Success

After the success of My Husband's Lover, the TomDen fever does not stop as the "bro-team" of Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez ventures to the realm of music giving live to songs from the series and other songs that many people would love to hear. The combination of Tom and Dennis maybe an unlikely tandem but proved effective with My Husband's Lover, which was a revolutionary show in the Kapuso network.

Singing songs that many people can relate to, the TomDen album is a showcase of the musicality of the two, which are also talented in terms of singing. Of course, this album will be part of Listening Room soon as we rate the songs for their first "couple" album. 

MUSIC LYF: TomDen thrills on new GMA Records album

When the smash pairing of Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo broke primetime TV convention to steal the hearts of millions of Filipinos, history was rewritten.  Not only did this unlikely twosome made their characters Eric and Vincent one of the most adored couples on national TV, their welcome arrival on the scene comes at a time when the hotly contested issue of gay marriage continues to rage on.  The My Husband’s Lover tandem confronted stereotypes to open up the overlooked idea that love is universal in whatever form it takes.  And it manifests even on their new record, TomDen.

Crafted with the intent to tell Eric and Vincent’s story in a format that is just as authentic on the screen, the duo exhibits a generous helping of romance through tender tunes under the guidance of seasoned producers and songwriters.

Opening track “One More Try” sets the tone throughout the album.  It shows the duo’s resolve underneath the delicate ballad, harmonizing and intertwining their warm vocals to complement the lovely musical arrangement.

‘You’re worth the wait,’ Eric told by new lover

In last night’s episode of “My Husband’s Lover, Eric (Dennis Trillo) was late for his date with his new lover, Martin.  And so, he apologized to him. But Martin was neither offended nor disappointed by Eric’s tardiness. In fact, he assured Eric that it’s OK and told him, “You’re worth the wait.”

It seems that Eric has finally found his match – someone who can love him without apprehensions – in Martin. But such is not the case for Vincent, who despite his being married to Lally, still holds on to Eric. 

Last night’s episode was a continuation of Friday’s cliff-hanger.  Eric inquired with the condominium’s security personnel about the identity of the owner of his former condo unit. While that was happening, Vincent was hiding by the elevator and was trying to fight the urge to show himself up to Eric.  But when Eric left the building (the security personnel did not disclose anything to Eric), Vincent trailed him and before Eric could enter his vehicle, he called him. After having not seen each other for quite some time, their eyes locked and suddenly the memories of the past rushed in.

My Husband’s Lover Continues To Break Records

GMA Network’s most provocative primetime drama series My Husband’s Lover has reached record-breaking audience results during the show’s first-ever promo tour in the Visayas region featuring lead stars Dennis Trillo, Tom Rodriguez, and Carla Abellana, together with Kuh Ledesma, Kevin Santos, Victor Basa, and Bettina Carlos.

The cast managed to attract throngs of supporters—a crowd estimate of 11,000 and 5,000 according to Gaisano Grand Mall Mactan and SM City Cebu, respectively—something very unusual to see on a weekday afternoon.

Carla, who plays the role of a martyr wife named Lally in the series, was deeply overwhelmed with joy upon knowing that majority of the crowd sympathizes with her character. “In fairness, love ko ang Cebu. Buti na lang team Lally sila at ang dami talagang posters and signages. Nakakatuwa kasi I know, not only are they my fans pero siguro marami sa kanila ang nakaka-relate kay Lally.”

Vincent to Lally: ‘I need space!’

Revenge: Is Lally cheating on Vincent with Paul?

Last Friday, in the GMA Primetime Series “My Husband’s Lover,” Vincent (portrayed by Tom Rodriguez) asked for “space” from his wife, Lally (Carla Abellana).

In an effort to find time to discern what's the best thing to do with his life, Vincent told Lally that he was going to a business convention in Cebu.  Of course, there was really no convention to attend! Vincent was actually in the condo unit previously owned by his "lover" Eric (Vincent had secretly bought the said unit through a broker).

Dennis Trillo dumps Tom Rodriguez, finds new love in ‘My Husband’s Lover’

Last night's episode of GMA's controversial gay themed series, "My Husband's Lover" opened with an entire 9-minute segment devoted to just one scene: a dialogue between (Vincent) Tom Rodriguez and (Lally) Carla Abellana.  

In the said scene, Vincent and Lally were laying on their bed but, unlike most couples, they were inches apart from each other. Obviously, after Lally's discovery of his husband's affair with Eric, their (Vincent and Lally) relationship has turned a bit cold.

Lally asked whether Vincent would one day turn into a loud, crossdressing gay that his kuya Zandro (Keempee de Leon) has become. Vincent explained to Lally that he and Zandro are very different: that Zandro -- and gays like him -- believe that they are women and so they dress, act, and think like they are real women -- but he (Vincent) is a different type of gay.

Eric leaves love nest, memories with Vincent in “My Husband’s Lover”

In yesterday’s (August 6) episode of the GMA primetime series “My Husband’s Lover,” Eric (Dennis Trillo) finally turned over the keys to his condominium unit to the broker facilitating its sale. As he was packing his stuff, he reminisced the sweet moments he shared with Vincent (Tom Rodriguez) in the said condo unit.

Weren’t you able to watch the episode last night? Here are some highlights that you missed:

Because of the scuffle that transpired at the wedding anniversary party of Gen. Armando (Roi Vinzon) and Elaine (Kuh Ledesma), the retired general decided to call it a night and sent their guests home.

Dennis Trillo deserves "Best Actress Award" for "My Husband's Lover"

There's no denying that more and more viewers are getting hooked on GMA's controversial primetime series, "My Husband's Lover" which stars Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana and new kapuso Tom Rodriguez.

The said series is the subject of conversations not only among the Network's primary audience -- the mass market -- but also among the Louis Vuitton carrying socialites in Eastwood and The Fort.

A number of netizens have proposed online that Dennis Trillo be given an acting award but which one: Best Actor or Best Actress?

Dennis, Carla and Michelle attend Vietnam Today’s 5th Anniversary Celebration

Lead stars of GMA-7’s My Husband’s Lover - the country’s most talked about primetime series today - Dennis Trillo and Carla Abellana, and Kapuso actress Michelle Madrigal are Vietnam-bound this July 18 to attend Vietnam Today TV’s 5th Anniversary Celebration.

A member of Vietnam’s Joint Media Corporation (IMC), Today TV is one of the first Vietnamese TV stations to air Filipino drama series like Marimar, Stairway to Heaven, Beauty Queen, The Good Daughter and Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit (Losing Heaven). These dramas quickly became a hit among Vietnamese viewers paving the way for the airing of more Filipino dramas on Vietnam TV.

Dennis, Carla and Michelle have all appeared in several GMA dramas that have gained a huge following in Vietnam namely Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit (Losing Heaven) for Carla, Sinner or Saint and Legacy for Dennis, and First Time, Kung Aagawin Mo Ang Langit (Losing Heaven) and Faithfully for Michelle. Aside from gracing Today TV’s anniversary celebration, they will also give their Vietnamese fans the chance to see them up close in the grand fans day arranged for them by the former.

“My Husband’s Lover” holds first mall show in Imus, Cavite

The GMA Primetime program “My Husband’s Lover” held its first mall show last Friday, June 28, at Robinsons Place Imus in Cavite, which was well received by throngs of fans who congregated at the activity area of the said mall.

Cast members Dennis Trillo, Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez, Karel Marquez, Victor Basa, Kevin Santos and Bettina Carlos graced the event and even prepared production numbers to the entertainment of the fans.

Tom Rodriguez not turned on by Dennis Trillo?

Kapuso actors Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez may be sweet on screen in their primetime series on GMA-7 “My Husband’s Lover” where they portray as gay secret lovers, but they are not turned on by each other in real life.

In an interview with Tom during a recent mall show in Imus, Cavite, the actor told that every time he does a scene with Dennis, he puts himself in the shoes of his character, Vincent, a closet bisexual. 

Carla Abellana finds “My Husband’s Lover” her most successful project yet

When kapuso actress Carla Abellana began working on the series, “My Husband’s Lover,” she was quite anxious about how the series might be received especially by conservative viewers who might be “allergic” to the controversial topic of homosexuality and homosexual relations.

“My Husband’s Lover” is a story that revolves around Lally (Carla’s character) who marries a closet bisexual named Vincent (Tom Rodriguez) who has not gotten over his feelings for his ex-boyfriend Eric (Dennis Trillo).  

Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez’ on-screen romance sparks interest among straight women, men

In last Sunday’s pilot episode of GMA’s new Sunday noontime show “Sunday All Stars,” Dennis Trillo and Tom Rodriguez, the male lead stars of the network’s controversial primetime series, “My Husband’s Lover” titillated the studio audience when they did a duet of their soap’s theme song, “One More Try.”

The two actors have become a popular topic on social networking sites and blogs lately because of their portrayal as gay lovers in the said primetime series.