BPI Gets More Exciting This Year!

We were at another meeting again with the people from BPI (Bank of the Philippine Islands) and they have more news with the new technologies and systems that is now being introduced to the public. From Online Banking, to the BEA Online and Kiosksand the Deposit Machines, they have launched their TVC and has garnered thousands to millions of views just days after its airing on national TV.

The TVC was effective in getting people into the habit of enrolling themselves with BPI Online Banking which can also be accessed through various media.  Thus there was also a serge of clients who downloaded the mobile app of BPI which have also featured here. However, despite having a lot of app download, many people still get confused with how they would go for ATM Activation. 

It would be quite scary for first timers but never fret as we have a useful step-by-step guide to help users get their accounts verified so they can use the app to its full potential. Remember you can also start with campaigning this information to fellow BPI users and for businessmen or staff of the various business.

These steps are given specifications that are easy to understand and follow. With intructions written in basic and simple terms which eliminate the doubt or failure. Of course BPI does want to give customers the hassle and that is why they would find something new for their services which is still evolving with the rise of e-commerce, electronic banking, and other related transactions. 

And even phones are not smartphones, one can do transactions and operations via a special code in the phone which can be an alternative when there is no internet or computers available. Every successful transaction is worth P2.50.

And these services would be just the beginning this year with more promos and technology coming up hopefully this summer. At this season would also be a great time with the sun sand and shore, with less worries since banking is made easier with BPI.

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