#WranglerSunChaser Week 2 is On!

Week one of the Wrangler Sun Chaser contest is done and week 2 is now in progress. The Wranglet Sun Chaser project lets one into sharing their unique and great pictures on social media like instagram and facebook to have the chace to win cash vouchers and the grand prize is a 5-day vacation to a destination of your choice! We would like to congratulate the winner of week one with the theme "Smell Nature" for the Philippines is Rhaine Pineda (@rhainepineda). You can check her winning entry here:

And there has been a lot of interesting and great photos under the hashtags. And I looks at some of the best photos for me taken so far for the week one entries. If you would like to join this weeks' theme, don't forget to use BOTH the hashtags #WranglerSunChaser and #Philippines to be filtered into the correct category to qualify.

To get you inspired on how would you execute your photo, here are some of the entries sent from the Philippines and other participating countries in the Wrangler Sun Chaser promo.

Now for week two, it involves a certain color and feeling. Now connecting into the more calm and sophisticated mood. A call for a more relaxed and royal theme that is never boring. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the theme for week 2!


Blue. The shade of adventure, blue skies, blue seas and a pair of blue jeans.This week, battle the heat of 
the midday sun to reach the highest point you see. Sweat with no regret. 

Share your journey for a chance to win P8,000 of cash vouchers in our weekly challenge! 
Time frame: April 21 to April 27, 2014.

More details here: 


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