iAcademy: Technology and Future Education

There was a time when college students actually carried books to school. To own a laptop was a privilege, tablets and smartphones were virtually nonexistent, and only the tech geeks were the ones perpetually connected online.  

What a difference a decade makes. 
These days, it would be a novelty to see a student scribbling notes on actual paper; everyone’s busy tapping on keyboards. You’d be hard pressed to see coeds without their phones in hand, listening to their iPods and poking around on their tablets. Everyone is plugged in, 24/7. Schools get that. And as a result, they are revamping the way technology is used to ensure that students maximize its potential for a better college and campus experience. 

“We’re intentional about leveraging on official platforms as a way to streamline information and processes,” explains the President and CEO, Vanessa Tanco. “The goal is to redefine an existing channel, our website specifically, and make it work harder in terms of improving the collective student experience.”

To that end, iACADEMY’s website offers so much more than the attendant dropdown of college courses. As a school known for it is focused and niche tertiary courses, it makes sense that their website has been overhauled to drill down to the nitty gritty of college logistics. 

The basics are there of course—school information, course descriptions, application processes, tuition details—but designed in such a way that students can easily access it on a laptop, a tablet or smartphone. This means official announcements can easily be referenced on a credible communications platform conveniently, a feat that even the biggest university websites have been unable to achieve. For prospecting students, the site has been structured in such a way that it is engaging depending on their areas of academic interest—divided according to design, technology and business. 

“Customizing the online experience is just one part of it. What better way to make use of this kind of technology than by translating the online applications into something tangible on the ground,” adds the Chief Operating Officer, Jose Morales. 

This is where the real value of a functional, easy to navigate website comes in—getting around the hassles of college logistics. For prospective students, this means getting access to campus features easily such as facilities and course offerings, tuition details and exclusive school events, even simplifying the application process to a single click. 

It’s a glimpse into student life that, prior to technology, wouldn’t have been possible.  

“For schools to take on the task of streamlining and digitizing required internal processes themselves to facilitate student access is impressive and much appreciated,” says Gerald Gabriel Garrovillas, President of iACADEMY’s Central Student Organization.

While iACADEMY doesn’t necessarily define technology as a way to replace actual student and staff or faculty interactions, they do recognize how it can pave the way for more personalized relationships. Taking out some of the routine touch points by efficiently maximizing use of school available technology, you can focus on areas where personal interaction is really needed, such as helping them shape their careers through education. 

iACADEMY is a school that offers prestigious, niche courses that tailor-fit college education alongside the continuous changes that real world industries go through in the field of Design, Computing and Business. For questions and inquiries, please call 02 889.7777 local 321 or email inquiry@iacademy.edu.ph. 

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