ZAP away dengue-carrying mosquitoes this summer

Summer fun is just around the corner as classes wrap-up and both kids and parents look forward to the school holidays. This means trips to the beach, vacations in the provinces, or simply just more days playing outdoors to enjoy the carefree season. There’s one risk, however, that we should look out for this summer: dengue-carrying mosquitoes. We should take steps to prevent a potentially fatal dengue infection from ruining summer for us and our loved ones.

Dengue is already a year-round disease in the Philippines. And in the summer, we tend to spend more time outdoors, wear thinner clothing, and expose more skin because of the heat. This makes us an easier target for dengue-carrying mosquitoes that bite during the day (mosquito species A. albopictus) and during the night (A. aegypti). Both of these species of dengue-carrying mosquitoes are present outdoors and indoors, increasing the risk of dengue infection for everyone.

To have a dengue-free summer, especially for the kids, here are a few reminders on prevention:

Put screens over windows and install screen doors. Screens on windows and screen doors will keep dengue-carrying mosquitoes out while still allowing us to open the doors and windows of our home so it won’t be so hot on summer days and nights.

Keep the house and its immediate surroundings clean. With the kids home from school, their active playtime hours will eventually tend to create a mess. Teach them to clean up after their activities because accumulated mess creates hiding places for mosquitoes. Better yet, do a general cleaning of the house this summer. Get rid of junk and unusable items, or give away or sell (i.e. do a garage sale) excess possessions that only clutter the house. Throw out stagnant water and other objects that may tend to retain stagnant water. Keep reserve water containers covered.

Wear long-sleeved clothing when possible—or use insect repellent. If wearing long-sleeves and long pants are neither practical nor comfortable, your next option is to use insect repellent lotions or sprays on your skin. Remember that you may need to re-apply insect repellent because outdoor activities this summer will cause you to sweat and this may cause some of the insect repellent to come off. Apply insect repellent again after you’ve finished swimming at the beach or the pool.

Use home insecticide sprays to kill mosquitoes. There is now an especially formulated insecticide spray that effectively kills dengue-carrying mosquitoes—and without the irritating smell. ZAP AK (All-Knockdown) Mosquito Killer has a water-based formulation with a fast knockdown action against mosquitoes in the home and kills them quickly. It performs faster and more effectively than other brands, while also offering great value for money.

ZAP AK Mosquito Killer is easy and safe to use—always follow the instructions for proper use on the label. It is water-based so it leaves no harmful chemical residue in the house and there is no irritating smell compared to non-water -insect sprays. It provides effecttive protection against dengue-carrying mosquitoes by keeping your house mosquito-free.

ZAP AK Mosquito Killer is available in major supermarkets and hardware stores. For more information, go to

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