Keeping work sites injury and accident-free

Construction safety and prevention awareness with Bosch

Bosch has been a partner of the building and construction industry for many years by providing innovative power tools for professionals and enthusiasts. As the National Construction Safety Month draws to a close, Bosch promotes best practices in handling power tools and equipment with tips on preventing construction-related accidents.

Each year, hundreds of injuries and fatal accidents are caused by construction works and equipment operation. Though most of these accidents involve the operator, people on the ground such as laborers, spotters, co-workers and passers-by, are also involved due to the lack of safety warnings and precautions.

Handle equipment properly with utmost care

Mistakes in handling and operating equipment are the most common causes of accidents. To avoid these, the proper training on the machine must be given to operators. Equipment dealers provide such training and manuals to educate the user on proper handling, operation, maneuvering and safety. Be responsible to know the hazards of the equipment you are using and take all precautions to avoid harm. Wear hard hats, gloves, boots and other protective gear if needed.

Keep the work area crowd-free

People on the ground are also involved in some accidents. In most cases, it is because they are standing too close the equipment; or they are crowding the machine. Groundsmen, co-workers, observers and passers-by must stay away from the machine operating area. Before you begin work, observe your surroundings and warn people nearby to stay back. If people approach you, warn them, honk the horn if available, immediately stop the machine if needed, and only resume once your work area is clear. Provide warning signs to mark hazardous spots as well as ample space for people to walk safely around the work area.

Be aware of obstructions

Various obstructions such as electrical lines, water, sewers, gas pipes and telecom lines, might surround your work area. Be aware of these and take the necessary precautions to warn everyone of overhead lines, low clearances or

hazardous equipment. Use signs, barrier tapes and other warning devices to indicate obstructions. Secure all loose materials and equipment that may fall or roll over into your work area. If working in a small area, make sure to clear your work space of anything that may affect the performance of your equipment. It is ideal to work in a clear space without any obstructions to avoid all harm.

Always focus on safety

A comprehensive safety policy with relevant practices must be set in your workplace. It should be reviewed regularly and updated accordingly by management. Safety training courses must be conducted for employees. Keep yourself and other workers and operators informed of the hazards you may face, and always be aware of all safety precautions you must take. In case of emergencies, make sure all emergency contact numbers are easily accessible and administer first aid immediately if possible.

Bosch continues to instill construction safety and prevention awareness to the public during its participation construction expositions. At the 2014 Philippine World Building and Construction Exposition (WORLDBEX) held on March 12-16, 2014, Bosch introduced new products including the Bosch GSH 11VC Demolition Hammer and the Skil Impact Drill 6610 to architects, industry professionals and end-users.

The Bosch GSH 11VC Demolition Hammer features increased vibration control, which maximizes safety and ease of use while working on concrete and other solid surfaces. Meanwhile, the Skil Impact Drill 6610 is a compact solution that offers handling precision to avoid accidents while achieving optimal results.

As part of its ongoing commitment in providing quality power tools and accessories to the public, Bosch will showcase new products highlighting the Bosch Professional construction line, Skil power tools, measuring equipment, and Dremel kits in the upcoming Cebu Construction Show (CEBUCON) 2014 on June 6 to 9, 2014 at the SM City Cebu Trade Hall.

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