"HAPDI NG LAPNOS" A Jay Taruc 15th Anniversary Special of iWitness

A couple of years ago, I-Witness showed the world the heartwrenching documentary about patients admitted to the burn unit of Davao City Medical Center, the only hospital catering to burn victims in all of Mindanao.

As part of I-Witness’ 15th anniversary, Jay Taruc and his team go back to the place where pain and tears are synonymous with healing.

Quite a lot has happened in two years. The burn unit has been renamed “Rizal D. Aportadera, Jr. Burn Center” to honor the name of the doctor whose efforts and sacrifice were instrumental in saving the lives of burn patients.

After the local and international airing of the episode entitled “Lapnos,” according to Dr. Aportadera, many people from around the world sent donations to help in their own way.

Sadly, it is not enough. The poor victims still cannot cope financially and physically.

Join Jay Taruc as he enters the doors of the burn unit once again to meet the patients who endure pain to survive. Don't miss "Hapdi ng Lapnos" this Saturday on I-Witness, after Celebrity Bluff.

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