REEL DEAL: Chris Evans From Non-Believer To Believer In Love In “PLAYING IT COOL”

The world’s most charming bachelor, Captain America as he is now widely known, Chris Evans is a non-believer in love in this year’s most endearing love story, “Playing it Cool,” until he meets his match in Michelle Monaghan.

In this romantic comedy, Evans is a writer tasked by his publisher to pen a romantic novel first prior pursuing his action-packed book.  Known as the Narrator (Evans), was having problems writing the romantic novel until he met Monaghan’s character known as Her only to find out that she is already engaged to Stuffy (Ioan Gruffudd).  With a little help from friends with different perspectives on the subject of love (Anthony Mackie, Aubrey Plaza, Luke Wilson and Topher Grace), Evans’ character attempts to stay just friends, but finds himself wanting more.

Colorful and emotional, “Playing It Cool” is a stunningly visceral experience with a great many cinematic qualities already built in. Yet to truly bring these elements to life, Justin Reardon directs a vibrant young cast in a simple yet timeless and endearing story.  Justin first attracted attention with his short film, “Zoltan the Hungarian Gangster of Love,” which has garnered accolades from top festivals around the world, including being named a top four finalist at London’s Raindance Festival for best international short. Justin’s visual expertise and his character instincts are unmatched,  a true innovator who has the  ability to tell a story that will capture the world’s imagination.

Find out if they end up together in “Playing It Cool” - opens in cinemas December 17 from Pioneer Films.

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