Kubot The Aswang Chronicles 2 REVIEW

This upcoming MMFF season, I am happy to see that GMA Films and Reality Entertainment has an entry for the Film Festival which gives another flavor among the recurring films which has left it saturated. Kubot The Aswang Chronicles 2 is a follow up to TikTik which was shown back in 2012. Starring Dingdong Dantes as Makoy, he ventures first to Pulapandan to get her pregnant girlfriend back which eventually led them into a big fight with the Tiktiks. And the conflict continues with another group of aswangs called the Kubot, aswangs who have very long hair which they use to envelop their prey and eat their insides.

We have always seen aswang in many ways in Philippine Cinema but we have yet to discover the diversity and the various aspects that they add to the Filipino society. And direk Erik Matti's concept of having a trilogy about them would help us know more about our own monsters which is not limited to tyanaks and Mananangals.

Kubot is a whole lot different from the first movie with less CGI and more live locations which lessens the cost and production time but it has learned from its initial mistakes with the first movie. And the aswangs also prove to be more tougher than before, and interestingly KC Montero as Dom, US-raised yet fierce leading the new breed of aswangs who breaks the stereotype of aswangs being probinsyanos and poor.

It was also a new revelation fith Makoy who faced a series of unfortunate events leading to a big change in his life. Probably will also get some upgrades too. The second installment of the Aswang Chronicles promises that there will be more and this is just to pave the way to a very prominent aswang soon to be revealed. There is also new characters that will be introduced to the series and I do feel the acting prowess of Lotlot De Leon and Jun Sabayton for this film.

KUBOT THE ASWANG CHRONICLES 2 stars Dingdong Dantes, Joey Marquez, Lotlot De Leon, Isabelle Daza, Abra, Julie Anne San Jose, Ramon Bautista, Bogart The Explorer, Jun Sabayton, Hannah Ledesma and KC Montero.

KUBOT THE ASWANG CHRONICLES 2   will be showing in cinemas December 25! Produced by Reality Entertainment, Agosto Dos, and GMA Films. This is one of the official entries for the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival.

Deliberation time kids! 

Show summary in 3 lines: Aswang Pa More!
Technical Effects: 4 out of 5 stars (Better versus the first one, but there will be parts that was not well polished and overlooked if not observant movie goer)
Plot: 4 out of 5 stars (As continuation, it holds a promise of a great timeline, still this one needs more refinement in plotting the scenes)
Acting and Actors: 4 out of 5 stars  (Best performance goes to Lotlot de Leon as she stole the limelight even for a new character)
Music and Soundtracks:  3 out for 5 stars (Abra and Julie Anne San Jose acts and sings the soundtrack)
Pros:  Action scenes, Lines, diversity of Aswangs, Kubots and their flowing hair
Cons:   Details, inconsistencies, lack of giving a deeper backstory to several characters
Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 5 stars (Thank direk and Dingdong for a continuation of this franchise, indeed it hold promise and we expect to see part 3 in the next MMFF!)

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