REEL DEAL: The Aswang Chronicles Continues With Kubot

We have waited enough and Direk Erik Matti and Dingdong Dantes has finally made Christmas complete with the entry of Agosto Dos and GMA Films for the second installment of the aswang series after Tiktik with Kubot The Aswang Chronicles 2.

The second movie will continue from where they left off after defeating the group of Tiktik which had a lot of action and unfortunate events. Though there were a lot of things to improve on for the first movie, they have made amends and applied that on the second movie. This time the action moves from the rural landscape into the urban city life. Makoy finds himself more involved with the Aswangs as another kind wants him and his family dead.

In the recent BlogCon for the movie, Direk Erik matti shares that on this installment, Kubot are aswangs that have long hairs and use them to crush and consume their prey. Kubots are primarily women and one of them is Veron played by Elizabeth Oropesa.

Compared with the first movie, they have used more actual locations than green screens thus shooting period is shorter giving way for more time for promotion and refining effects. There was also a preview of Kubot last Komikon in November where a screening of Tiktik was also held. Direk Erik Matti also said that due to time, they were also planning of releasing a comic book just what they have with the first one but they focused on the movie first. 

Direk Erik Matti has also made recent movies like Rigodon, OTJ (On The Job) and one of the shorts in The ABCs of Death 2. And with the second movie for the franchise, he is looking forward to the next installment which will feature the most prominent aswang species. 

Makoy (Dingdong Dantes) will also get an upgrade as Aswangs are now more tougher and meaner than before. Joing the cast will be Isabelle Daza as Lex, Joey Marquez as Nestor, Lotlot de Leon as Nieves, Jun Sabayton as Tope, KC Montero sa Dom, Ramon Bautista as Justiniani, Bogart the Explorer as Macapagal, Abra as Benjie and Julie Anne San Jose as Stacy.

Kubot The Aswang Chronicles 2 is part of the 40th Metro Manila Film Festival 2014 and is made possible by Agosto Dos, Reality Productions, and GMA Films. Showing on Christmas day December 25 nationwide.

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