The Residences at Brent: Where the Past Intertwines with the Present

Baguio has been a top tourist destination since the 1900’s. Originally the American’s playground, the remnants of its culture and heritage have remained in the many pine trees and beautiful landscapes.  Unlike other places in the Philippines, Baguio’s western vibe has remained – from the city’s planning to the recreational activities one can enjoy.

We cannot deny that many still flock to Baguio because of its cool weather, which averages around 8 degrees lower than most parts of the country. It is the best place to sit back and read a book or you can simply catch up on rest and relaxation. For those who are up for an adventure, there are many activities for all ages like biking or the good ‘ol horseback riding. 

A visit to Burnham Park is always a fun experience. There are many things to see and do. One can watch or even join football games and Zumba sessions, go biking, rowing in the lake or have a picnic. Going for a walk is another pleasurable experience in Baguio. There is less pollution as there are many gardens and landscaped areas spread around the city. 

However, not everyone is a fan of crowds which is quite common because many Baguio locals indulge in the simple and healthy lifestyle. The park for example is situated at the heart of the city which makes it accessible for all. In fact, most public transportation terminals surround it. It serves as a melting pot for those who want to enjoy the outdoors especially during weekends. 

The Residences at Brent by Willowtree Development Corporation situated along Brent Road located strategically close to the heart of the city but far enough to breathe the freshness of Baguio. This secured community offers a unique experience with access to landscaped gardens, pocket parks and even bike trails. There’s no need to ride a car to go to the park. All you have to do is step out of your home and you have the beauty of nature right at your doorstep. 

“We have here something here that captures everything that Filipinos and tourists alike love about Baguio: the cool weather, the serene ambiance, the thrills and the rustic atmosphere,” said Mr. Ulysses Gaerlan, Willowtree Development Corporation Vice-President for Marketing and Sales. “As a Baguio local myself, this premium residence brings back sweet memories of the “old” Baguio intertwined with the contemporary.”

With all the advancement of today’s society, Baguio along with The Residences at Brent was able to preserve the past’s loved memories. 

And with the soon-to-rise second building, which is aligned with the 7-building Master Development Plan that makes up The Residences at Brent, it only proves that Baguio is an enduring destination that even time cannot break.

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