Pancake House is coming home!

One of the country's proudest dining traditions moves forward by going back

What makes a good restaurant? For pancake House, the answer is simple; a taste and feel of home.

The popular pancacke chain recently debuted a new look for its next generation for Filipino diners in Lipa City, Batangas. Now part of the Max's family of brands, Pancakes House refurbished theme is inspired by its beloved heritage.

"Pancake House remains a household name with a loyal following," say Jim Fuentebella, Branding Director of Max's Group Inc. "But with the highly competitive market it is facing, we decided we needed to do something to bring back to the forefront of its dining category."

He added, "This meant retracting the brand to the heritage that made it one of the country's favorite dining traditions."

The branch in Lipa is first to feature the farmed restaurant's new look. From the logo down to the landscaping details, Pancake House has managed to start anew while staying loyal to its roots.

Shack Shelter, Shed

The inspiration of Pancake's new look came to Jim upon seeing the construction space for this branch in Lipa City. He describes, " Its long and narrow facade reminded me of a shed."

Jim continues "The first three words that came to mind was shack (functionality), shelter (comfort), and shed (accessibility). If you look at the things those words are associated with, they are actually the same things things used to describe Pancake House."

According to Jim, the brands new design concept is all about comfort and finding a place where everything one needs are already there - just like home.

The new old

Pancake House's revamped theme involveds all elements of the store - from broad strokes to fine details. the brand's famous orange color, which was previously integrated into every nook and cranny, was given the overhaul.

"Orange is the corporate color for the Pancake House - but it is not defined by the color alone. The brand is deeper than that. Things needed to be tectural or else you can't feel it with you senses. So we said, maybe the orange can be implemented rather than just using it specifically," Jim says.

The logo on the other hand, now shows a new interpretation of the restaurant;s famed house symbol. Tying it to the concept of home and comfort is the flow from the house cascading to the old orange background. Of course, the brand's complementing colors - fuchsia, brown, and blue -are also integrated to the new design scheme.

Jim explains, "These are te colors chosen by the owners of Pancake House because for them it shows the spirit of the 70s. This is really us going back to the core."

The new look's faithfullness to the brand character is also reflected in the Lipa store's landscape. He remarks, "landscaping is very important because it welcomes you from the outside to the inside. There's nicely manicured grass, simple but pleasing to the eyes."

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