Singing along with your kids for a fun brushing time

Good dental hygiene can be a lifetime habit. It is something we learn early on and nurture through the years until it becomes a vital part of our daily routine.

As soon as your kids’ milk teeth come out, they must get into the habit of brushing regularly. This is easier said than done. Children consider brushing a tedious chore that they’d rather skip. It is every parent’s responsibility, then, to make it a fun experience while teaching them the importance of excellent oral care.

Teaching them to brush their teeth as early as possible is important in achieving that healthy smile that you want for them. But keep in mind that mere brushing is not enough. According to the American Dentists’ Association, two full minutes of brushing strokes at least twice daily are needed to make toothbrushing effective.

While two minutes of brushing seem quick and easy for adults, children find this tiresome and boring. Here’s an idea to spruce up toothbrushing time for your children, while ensuring that they are indeed brushing for two full minutes—think of or come up with a song that they can sing along to while they brush their teeth! Maybe a favourite nursery rhyme? A billboard-topping song? The choices are endless! Have a sing-a-long session with your children while they brush their teeth using upward and downward strokes, as well as left and right.

Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste’s yummy flavours make toothbrush time even more fun and exciting. With flavours such as Strawberry Bloom, Orange Squeeze, Tutti-Frutti Twist, Bubblegum Pop, Cookies & Cream Ahoy, Apple Crunch, and Juicy Grapes, your kids will surely have a Hapee Kiddie brushing experience!

Hapee Kiddie Toothpaste is the number one toothpaste choice for children aged 2-7 years old. Apart from fun flavours, it contains safe levels of fluoride for your children, ultimately protecting them from dental caries and cavities.

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