Confidence and well-dressed men go hand-in-hand

Every man aspires to be the alpha male—the captain of industry, a star of the big screen, at the helm of the ship, the leader of the pack. This innate desire to strive to become the best has been hardwired into man’s primal instincts since the earliest of civilizations.

In prehistoric times, genetics were the only factor that determined which man would take charge as the alpha male. Size, strength and aggressiveness were all that mattered because these qualities were necessary to ensure survival.

However, it would take much more than just good genes to become the alpha male of today. While the modern man still needs to possess the qualities of a natural born leader, the present generation requires a man who is hard-working, intellectual, and most of all, confident in the face of any adversity.

In contemporary society, there is no other better way to exude your confidence than being a well-dressed dapper gentleman charged with just enough vigor to assert yourself as the man of the moment among his family and friends.

Wearing the Dockers’ Extra Slim Fit exuberates the kind of confidence that every alpha male seems to emit. Aside from a wide range of colors and fabrications, the Extra Slim Fit is tailored to offer modern men a skinny tapered leg and a lower front rise—a contemporary aesthetic to a style born in Europe in the 1960s.

To remain trending and stylish, industry-leading Dockers has updated its pants portfolio to slimmer silhouettes with the launch of the new Dockers Extra Slim Fit not just because of the crisp fashionable look but because you wear pants that are functional and prepared for business indoors and adventure outdoors.

Dockers has always been on the forefront of setting the trends on how men dress by continually understanding the modern male and his wardrobe needs by producing the ultimate in fits, fabrics, performance styles and finishes. This season the brand message is all about product; the wearability, the function and the fit. After introducing “Casual Friday” almost 30 years ago; on-the-go man. After introducing “Casual Friday” almost 30 years ago, Dockers has never stopped reinventing its casual staples, making sure you are clad with just the right amount of confidence.

With Dockers’ Extra Slim Fit, every man is one stylish step closer to becoming the determined and self-reliant alpha male ready to lead his peers and loved ones through any situation.

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