This Bulldog Makes An Appearance in Spectre

It is known that the James Bond movies are full of action and wonderful actors, it is also interesting to see details in the franchise are noticed by fans and is something that would remind them of that special scene. They become an integral part of the story and would eventually be people would want to have as well/

On Skyfall, M gave James Bond a Pitbull ... well its not a live one, but definitely looks cool and a perfect gift item. Meet Jack the Bulldog who appeared in Skyfall and will make another appearance in Spectre.

Models of Bulldogs were first made by Royal Doulton in the 1940s and by this decade the breed had come to symbolise the steely determination of the British character. The ceramic versions created during the Second World War, featuring flags and hats representing the army, navy and air force, honoured the bravery and determination of military personnel and the UK’s Prime Minister, Winston Churchill.

Royal Doulton’s Jack the Bulldog, famous for his cameo role in Skyfall, returns to the screen once more.

Jack survived a traumatic explosion with little more than a few cracks to his face and some charring to the union Jack flag draped over his back. Bequeathed to Bond by ‘M’, he now makes an appearance in the new James Bond movie SPECTRE.

To mark his role in the film, Jack has the reference number DD 007M.

You can order Jack The Buldog on Royal Doulton website. They also a wide rage of items you can choose from with the ease of online shopping.

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