Thrill-O-Ween! on Thrill, as much fun as fear well ever be

If there has ever been a month that proves fear is fun, it has to be October, the month of Halloween. The problem is that Halloween thrills are just for kids, not for real fans of fear. Fortunately for fear fanatics who crave real terror, Thrill, Asia's first and only movie channel dedicated 24/7 to the widely popular horror, thriller and suspense genres is offering Thrill-O-Ween! So this October 31st, unless you’re young enough to jump into costume so that you can get amped up on a diabetes inducting sugar high, we promise your best option is to stay home and stay glued to Thrill, as we launch a full on assault on your sanity and truly make your Halloween a Thrill-O-Ween!

Thill-O-Ween! will be an extravaganza of thrills you will never forget, as Thrill will be cramming in decades worth of Thrill classics into a single whirlwind thrill-a-thon that starts at 1:10 am with the phenomenally successful and thoroughly terrifying supernatural thriller The Ring. We do hope you like binge watching thriller franchises, because the wildly successful sequel the Ring 2 will follow later in the day. That in itself should be more than enough to stop you from even blinking at your TV for a very long time for fear something terrifying will come out of it.

And where else but Thrill can you get three instalments of the thriller franchise that still has even the most hardcore fans of fear losing sleep? Thrill will be airing no less than three instalments of the Paranormal Activity franchise as part of the this year’s Thrill-o-Ween. Call yourself a Thriller fan? If you haven’t seen Paranormal Activity then you are just a wannabe.

In between franchise instalments, we will be airing thrillers that have endured the test of time and now stand as classics. Starting with the acclaimed psychological thriller Shutter Island, where Leonardo DiCaprio is at his brilliant and powerful best, as he leads a powerhouse cast that includes Mark Ruffalo, and Ben Kingsley.

Winding down the Thrill-O-Ween! will be the American take on phenomenally well received Korean Thriller, The Uninvited. And finally, to cap off the relentless barrage of titillating, terrifying, and thoroughly entertaining fare that is the Thrill-O-Ween!, we have the aptly titled Halloween Resurrection.

Thrill is available on (Skycable Ch.107, Cablelink Ch.201, Destiny Cable Ch.11 and Cignal Ch 69). For more information, you can log on to or

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