Get That Perfect Smart LED TV With Avision Philippines On Shopee!

Planning on redesigning your living and entertainment room? Or probably wanting to upgrade your old TV with something more sophisticated yet still within you budget? There are a lot of brands out there, yet it's hard to balance key factors when buying televisions: Size, Price, and Function.

Size of course matters as room size varies and will also depend on how designers fit it to blend with its surroundings and also be in good length for viewing. Price is sometimes proportional to quality, however when taking a closer look, some affordable brands has the same features and quality of expensive names. It would be best to do some research and comparison to get the best deal. And finally Function, TV nowadays does not only work with just the usual TV signal. TV nowadays must also have additional functions like internet browsing and streaming apps such as Netflix, Youtube etc. If your TV can't do that, it's really the time to get a new one.

Avision Philippines is a great brand to consider when getting a TV. Not only they hit size, price, and function, they also have variety which helps you choose the best one suited for your home. Their latest models include frameless Smart Digital TVs that also have built-in Netflix function perfect for these binge-watching shows and movies.

You can get  Avision products in Shopee through their official online store.Here are some of the models you should consider in choosing a new TV:

AVISION 32HL80C  32 Inch Frameless Smart Digital HD LedTv w/ Built-in Netflix, Youtube & Screencast

AVISION 50UL80C 50 Inch Frameless 4K Smart Digital Led Tv w/ Built-in Netflix, Youtube & Screencast
AVISION 55UL80C 55 Inch Frameless 4K Smart Digital Led Tv w/ Built-in Netflix,Youtube & Screencast 
AVISION 65UL80C 65 Inch Frameless 4K Smart Digital LedTv w/ Built-in Netflix, Youtube & Screencast 

There are a lot of great things when you buy them on Shopee. There are huge discounts on some of the items. It's also convenient since you can order online and will be delivered directly to your home. And you can also be assured of quality and warranty coverage as products come from the official online store. 

Download the Shopee app now for free from the App Store or Google Play.

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