The courage to accept oneself and take on second chances in the film “Us Again”

Acceptance could be the difference between momentary happiness and happiness that actually lasts. This is one of the core themes in the Regal Entertainment film “Us Again” top-billed by Jane Oineza and RK Bagatsing.

Margie (Jane), a medical technician, and Mike (RK), an artist, meet at the lowest points in their careers. As they tackle their personal struggles, they find acceptance from each other. Like a perfectly-fitting glove, they were made for each other, except for the glaring fact that Mike is in a relationship with Margie’s best friend.

“Us Again” takes viewers along this rollercoaster experience where unbearable pain is as much a part of the ride as bursts of fun and undeniable joy.

Despite the wrong choices she made in life that make her question her self-worth, Margie hopes to be able to accept herself. Mike, on the other hand, realizes the mess he has made and seeks to make amends to those he has hurt. He longs to make peace with himself and allow others to move on. 

“Us Again” is the reunion project of Jane and RK after the TV series “Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Araw Gabi” in 2018. While this is also the first full-length movie directed by Joy Aquino.

Both lead actors, Jane and RK, agree that “Us Again” is not a fairy tale love story. Jane shares that “our characters do not pretend to be perfect, and are in fact, flawed.” RK reveals that the beauty of the movie lies in how “viewers think they know where it is headed, but then it takes you someplace unexpected.”

Will there be a second chance for Margie and Mike, or will their love be only a beautiful chapter from the past? Catch “Us Again” now available via TFC Kapamilya Box Office (Movies For Rent) on TFC Online ( and TFC IPTV.

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