We Should Stay Strong, Healthy, Safe, and Insured!

In the mist of the pandemic, which still continues up to this writing, it has been a very stressful and anxious. It has been months of a lot of things that have changed the way we live. This has affected everybody from all walks of life and almost everyone in the whole world.

It really seems sad that what we were used to are now changed despite the progress we have made. But this should not the case because it also opened up a new world of opportunities that we also can shift to. People have made their own businesses and sold them online, people are now working from their homes and also making other gigs online, and some converted from office work to deliver goods and some services.

We also owe our health and safety to our frontliners who works hard and exposed to infections just to provide the essential needs and keep the economy afloat. There were times that they have to walk far, and even if they have vehicles, seating and sharing is limited. Now that we eased up to fewer restrictions, there are still a lot of risks out there that is on top the current crisis that we are all in.

That's why we now pay attention to being more careful in a holistic way. Along with the safety from the virus and other illness, we also practice safety with the physical risks that we encounter everyday. But let us take it a notch higher to complete the blanket of protection with insurance which is now valuable these days where it can cover more depending on the needs on the individual.

Country Bankersone of the country’s leading companies offering affordable insurance, has a number of insurance products one can avail that can fit to the lifestyle of its clients. From live and non-life insurance, they also offer a tailored approach that can reach more Filipinos and is also budget friendly especially for those who were hit hard during these times.  

As some of us would need to buy essential needs, go out for work like our frontliners, Country Bankers also introduces the Riders Personal Accident (PA) insurance which covers riders of bicycles, motorcycles, tricycles, e-bikes, and e-scooters—perfect for delivery riders who have been working tirelessly during the community quarantine.

For only Php 100 a year, Riders PA includes an accidental death and permanent disablement benefit and accidental medical reimbursement.

"We will continue to serve the market and deliver our commitment of providing peace of mind especially during challenging times.  We may not be the biggest company in the industry, but we remain the relevant one," said Geraldine Desiderio-Garcia, CBIG senior vice president and general manager.

With this we can feel a big sigh of relief as we continue to survive this unfortunate period. However it indeed gives peace of mind knowing that if ever something could occur, there is a supporting company that is on our back which also aids us in rising back up. That is why we should always affirm ourselves, or families, and friends to stay strong, stay healthy, stay safe, and stay insured!

For inquiries please visit us at Country Bankers Centre, 648 T.M. Kalaw, Manila or call at tel. nos. 8523-8611 for life insurance and 8524-0621 for nonlife insurance. You can also check them out on the Country Bankers Facebook page as well as their website at http://www.countrybankers.com/.

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