Misa de Gallo Diaries: Day nine

As the simbang gabi ends with this last day, I've never noticed that it has been nine days already. Was I too used to it or I enjoyed it a lot that time passed by too fast. Now for the last leg I was drawn into the Chapel of the Eucharistic Lord in Megamall. But I have not gone into shopping in the mall, it was really to attend the last day of this devotion. And as this is dubbed as the biggest indoor mall chapel in the world, it has been an effective connection for Filipinos who loves going to the mall as well as the deep spirituality that would not jeopardize both sides. Athough many still opose to this kind, it has the support of the Archdiocese thus clearing all the issues. Nevertheless, this has been a spiritual spring amidst the commercial and material desert.
The presider for the mas was Father Que which is an expert in cathecesis. He would perfectly integrate the catacethical explanation of the gospel in layman's terms and explain them in a very simple manner that is not boring. He stressed that simbang gabi is not made for wishing because God already knows our needs and will provide them at the right time and venue. The essence of simbang gabi is to prepare ourselves for the coming of Jesus, just like the experiences of Mary , John the baptist and his parents.
And as Christmas dawns, it is important to know that this is also a way of thanking God for the things we have today. Our survival up to now and what will happen in the future. The Gospel also speaks of the testimony of Zechariah as he regains his voice and hearing as he wrote the word John on the tablet asking him what will be the name of his son. As John came into the world he now paves the way as the arrival of the Messiah comes.
It was very fulfilling that I have completed the nine days of Misa de Gallo. Yes there were different and unique experiences, new learnings, new places and happy memories that arose amidst the inconviniences that I have encountered along the way. And like what I noticed, time did pass by as you were enjoying the journey. I would like to call it a pilgrimage even if its not very far but really helped me spiritually as I had realizations along the way as well as the sermons given by each unique priest. For now, I know that I have done a part to thank God for the blessings I have gotten this year yet still pray for present woes. It made me firm to my faith and hopefully I would also get my friends to join me next year. And I am now blogging this as a diary of what had happened in the 9 days. These blogs would also remind me of the things I've been through and if ever it will also inspire others in any little way. And on Christmas day, I am now preparing myself as I open my heart and let the Messiah be born in it.

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