Misa de Gallo Diaries: Day eight

The eighth day of simbang gabi actually led me to a church that brought me memories. This is the Immaculate Conception Cathedral formerly a parish in which the school behind it was my school in pre-school and early elementary days. The church made a makeover after it was dedicated as the cathedral for the diocese of Cubao. I also remembered that this is where I had my first comunion.
The church is still in renovation up to now but you would see that the details were meticulous and made a big leap from a parish to a real cathedral. The celing is studded with stars that would make you look up to star-gaze. And because of its very beautiful interiors and upgrades, I was thinking that someday I would get married here. Memories plus nice interiors...that would explain everything. Breathtaking!
Yes, about the gospel. it is still about the story of John and his parents who are known to be pious and obedient to the Lord. This time Zacheriah was tested as he lost his voice and became deaf because he doubted if he would have a son brought about the news the Angel Gabriel told him as he was doing rituals in the temple of God. Now the thing that was really striking was, Nothing is impossible with God. Its sounds like the slogan of a sports brand but it was proven in the story which the continuation will be testified on the last day as it culminates and will reveal the arrival of Jesus on Christmas day.

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