Misa de Gallo Diaries: Day seven

Just like last night (or morning), I also went back to a previous church for the seventh day. But this was accidental because of my poor scheduling and on the spot decisions that almost jeopardized the essence and value of the simbang gabi. I originally planned to try a church in the Ortigas-Pasig Area, but I failed to check on the churches that are available and their respective schedules. I was at St. Francis Parish at 8pm but they were already done with thier mass when I arrived. Then I thought if Megamall chapel would start at that time but from what I know its also at the same time as this parish. Then, I made a move by going to EDSA shrine on a short bus ride but eventually to find out that they only serve dawn masses and no night ones.
So I was getting desparate. Its almost 930pm and I am confused on what church would have mass at that time. And then, I remembered San Juan church that starts at 930. So I acted quick to take a jeepney ride to the church. However, I also encountered traffic as we passed by greenhills which made me a little bit depressed and guilty of what have I done. But it was a grace that I have arrived at the church. And was able to understand that the gospel was about Zacheriah, John the baptist's father. As I would remember I am drawn into a church dedicated to John the baptist.
My view at the church was different since I was near the door and never seated. But this gave me another perspective of the church that it had murals about John's life including his father. You might say it would be old art but it was very helful in reflecting about the message for today. And since the church is one of my recent discoveries, I would like to take sometime to go around the church and probably know some history about it. But for now, its still not a good time. However, the experiences I had in this church actually helped me a lot in understanding the message of the gospels especially about John, the voice coming from the desert preparing the way of the Lord.

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