Misa De Gallo Diaries: Day one

Its another year and Christmas is just a few days away from now and everyone is on the holiday rush nowadays. However in line with tradition, we do observe Misa de Gallo or simbang gabi. That is 9 night or mornings of masses like a novena for the day of Christmas. Actually I've been on and off this tradition however this year, I think it would be great to thank God for the graces I have recieved this year and make a complete 9 day devotion. Plus a good thing to do to totatly reflect on the days would be blogging. So it would be an adventure in each mass. I intend on going to several other parishes like a pilgrimage with a sense of anticipation of the birth of Jesus.

For day one I started it with the parish that I belong to, The Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Sta Mesa. This hundred year old church is actually not that I go to mass more frequently. However there would be times that I would reflect of wisdom taught by their priests. Father in his homily said it was also his tradition to facilitate the first simbang gabi. He said that its Ok to do a wish by doing the simbang gabi however we are given responsibilities that would actually help us in growing spiritually. He also said that our petitions or wishes must comply to conditions by the Lord, which they are of the right time and the will of God.
Yes many of us may now forget this tradition but I find it very refreshing even I still have a lot of problems and very tried from all the classes, meetings and all transactions that sucked out the life in me. Also I remembered something that I may need to be a blessing to others who have practically nothing . Either I could volunteer or offer some of the things that I could share. Well I maybe thinking too much but It feels good to do something not that its an obligation but the fact that it is your own personal intention and advocacy. Day two awaits, another gospel of salvation and affirms who I am today.

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