Amidst the bad news we have faced this year 2009, we have another thing that we cab be proud of and also be another source of inspiration for us as a nation. This time its not just a man that brought a new pride, but a number of hardworking, creative and cheese-loving team of student and chefs from different cooking schools that made the "chessy" record. Together with Kraft Foods and Eden Cheese, they made an attempt to make the most number of dishes on display in a single day. The last record holder was India with 4,668 in 2007. And the question is...did we beat the record?

The answer was definitely YES! with 5,845 unique dishes on display under the big Araneta Coliseum dome, witnessed by students, chefs and food-lovers affirmed the Filipinos effort to make another world record. And aside from that there was also competition between the participating schools in cheese carving and Noche Buena setting and cuisine. The schools who participated are Centro Escolar University, Emilio Aguinaldo College, La Consolacion College, St. Paul University, Arellano University, and Regina Carmeli. Also as the pilot school for the event was the Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA). Top chefs of the country also participated as judges for the competitions and also support the world record bid within the sea of dishes frm pastas, breads, cakes, dumplings, and many more that made the historical record.

At this event also Kraft had launched the Keso de Gallo that will be done of different venues that will showcase dishes that will also bring joy to the areas that they will visit. Now, you will see cheese in a different way now this Christmas season aside from providing a delicious treat it will also make people feel the spirit of Christmas after all the disasters and tragedies.

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