Misa de Gallo Diaries: Day five

For this day, I went to a dawn mass again. And for this trip, I chose to go to Quiapo Chruch. And if you may not know, I do have a devotion for the Black Nazarene. That is why since high school I would always attend the Feast of the Black Nazarene every January. Like me, there would be millions of devotees that would testify the miracles that happened in their lives with having a strong spiritual connection with Jesus. Being the central figure of faith, his birth would show his great mission which eventually showed his love for mankind by being crucified on the cross.

The church is coincidently the parish of St. John the Baptist. Whch is also what the gopel is all about. Even within the womb. John showed his excitement as Mary visited her cousin Elizabeth. At this sight, Elizabeth felt very blessed and spoke of praise to Mary and the one in he womb. And we knw that John the Baptist lived the life similar to the prophet Elijah. He is also the "voice that cries out in the desert saying prepare the way of the Lord". With this the arrival of Jesus has proven his Kingship and thet title of Messiah.
This journey to Quiapo was very exciting because even if the number of devotee are overflowing from inside, I was able to get inside and also got sprinkled with a lot of holy water. I often wondered if it is possible that holy water would be vented out in sprinklers so everyone would be showered (and get wet) with it. But it made me realized that even some may not be sprinkled with blessings, one may need to be patient with waiting for the right time. One may pray for years for healing for a certain disease, but would not loose hope. And with this hope, it makes us alive. It makes us strive to be better. It makes us rise from our grieving and sorrows. And hope is also the message of Christmas.

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