Misa de Gallo Diaries: Day three

Last night, me and my mother went to Divisoria to buy something. Not really gifts but practical stuff like fabric et cetera. And since there is heavy traffic of vehicles and people, I was not able to reach the masses in the evening. However, I made a desicion to persue to early morning mass but just not sure where to go. My options were to go to PLM where I got an invite set at 4:30 am. The other option is EDSA shrine since I also wanted to attend mass there again. Being so practical (and a little bout of time for commuting) I decided to go to EDSA shrine since it takes one bus ride (or two jeepney rides) and would not take more than 15 mins at that hour. Again for my Simbang Gabi masses, I feel everyday is an adventure that I can cherish and reflect on what I have experienced in the past nights/mornings. And since it was my first mass in the morning, the feeling of excitement filled me. I did arrived probably 10 mins late since I entered the shire when the reading were started.
The message in today's gospel is DO NOT BE AFRAID. Its very timely for us that are in anxiety for the coming days or probably next year. The message was also lingering in my mind since the priest had a french accent (probably he is french). I do have fears and worries about the coming days or even hours. I beleive you have one also. It was a message of security from the Lord that as we await him, we can put our trust in him and stand brave amidst the night. There are still days before the mager will be filled, so it is good for us to light our lamp of trust and faith until he arrives.
After the mass, I was excited to taste the taho from the vendor outside. Since there were no other vendors for puto bumbong or bibingka. I also met a TENer friend kuya Lei(he gave me the time the mass will start). I missed the morning breeze and also the hot taho at ortigas. So I also realized that even things did not go according to plan, it may actually lead to a better experince.

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